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Highly Important Website Design Elements

03 December, 2015

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Website design is difficult to learn. It has to feature various elements and it is really important that you do all that you can in order to keep adapting to the current state of the industry. We will mention some of the web design elements that you want to always consider when you create a new site so that you can end up with something proper.


Visual consistency is paramount for the success of a website. It is really important as it would create a pattern capable of guiding visitors. We can say that it is completely impossible for a website to be successful if the website design is not consistent. This automatically includes location, typography, colors and many other things.


Colors are particularly important because of the psychological effect that they have. It has been proven that colors have the power of affecting mood. As you use them in your web design, colors will effectively and quickly highlight a specific atmosphere or theme. Every single color offers special properties. You need to choose something that is suitable based on the message that you try to transmit. As a simple starting point, consider the following color associations in the minds of your visitors:

  • Red – passion
  • White – honesty
  • Yellow – alertness
  • Purple – mystery
  • Green – natural
  • Black – sophistication
  • Gray – neutral
  • Orange – playful

When you have colors that clash, various elements would stand out. Complementary colors would always have impact on perception. This is highly important. All the colors have a complementary color that is exactly its opposite on the special color wheel. As an example, the complementary color for green is red and for orange is blue.

Try to use complementary colors in the design of a website in order to attract more attention. That would help in call to actions, promotions and basically all the elements that you absolutely want the site visitor to notice. You quite often notice this when referring to call to action buttons. As an example, if the background is purple, yellow would automatically stand out.

White Space Use

Website design has to influence the attention point of the user. Blank pages can actually be a wonderful tool that would help you to do just that. White space is sometimes referred to as negative space. We can define it as absence of specific elements. It is not just space that is white. Any color can be used to create a white space. Based on how you use white space in website design, the power offered is that of repelling or drawing attention.

If you want to use white space in website design, you should remember that its foundation lies in creating a space surrounding a specific element so that attention can be drawn. When you have less space available, less attraction is gained. It is a rule that you often respect in flat design. The screen features fewer elements and those that remain are much more powerful. That is why in web design you often see menus removed from landing pages.

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