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Sunday Apr 14, 2024, Shawwal 5, 1445 Hijri


Perplexed Bush dekes?

'U.S. and Britain were on a "mission of freedom" in Afghanistan and Iraq in a common and noble cause', said Pres. George W. Bush while addressing at Buckingham Palace.

'Bugging' of Pakistan' London HC building

Government of Pakistan taking serious notice of the reports on installation of spy apparatus in its high commissioner building at London. Pakistan has already made a high level contact with British government and called for conducting inquiry into the in

Dr. Mahathir Muhammad: A Cosmo-Chemist!

Dr. Mahathir Muhammad, the Prime minister, is leaving Malaysian court along with wealth of competent economy. He gave 24 Million people of Malaysia a spirit to be among the Asian Tigers.

Enervated Organisation of Islamic Conference

Founded in 1969, OIC claims to have objectives of its establishment to struggle against the various dangers threatening Muslim Ummah.

Israel skirmishing Syria

Israel once again initiated tension with Syria by bombing populated area near Damascus claiming it to be operation clean-up of terrorist base of Islamic Jihad.

Pakistan and India in General Assembly

Addressing General Assembly on 25 September, President Musharraf proposed a ceasefire along the Line of Control dividing Indian- and Pakistan-controlled Kashmir and bilateral talks to resolve disputes.

58th Session of United Nations General Assembly

Fifty Eighth annual session of United Nations General assembly is under proceedings in UN head quarters. This session possesses importance as it is held just after US invasion of Iraq.

Kalabagh Dam: A synecdoche

Experts have mentioned Kalabagh Dam as the most feasible and ready to be constructed to fulfill demands of water and power of all the provinces, irrigating several million acres of barren land, preventing more than 38 MAF water flow below Kotri(Sindh) ann

Smashmouth JF-17 Thunder air craft

September 4th, first prototype of JF-17 thunder combat plane took its maiden flight at Wenjing Airport, China . This light weight combat airplane is manufactured by Pakistan in collaboration with China.

Humanitarian hiatus or 'War Against Terror'?

Port Authority at New York and New Jersey released transcripts from emergency phone calls and radio transmission made by the people thwarting inside WTC on 9/11.This incident took lives of more than 4000 innocent people.

Fugacious attempts to Peace in Middle East

On Thursday, Ismail Abu Shanab, a pragmatic Hamas Leader, was assassinated, in Riml, in a helicopter led attack tearing him with volley of missiles over his car taking two bodyguards along.

Demises in Iraq forth Coalition Forces

August 19 after-noon brought a bomb explosion in Canal hotel, where UN crew for Iraq's reconstruction reside, ripping UN special envoy, to Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello, to death among 17 others.

Power hemorrhage in United States of America

Thursday night , Eastern and Midwestern states of America(New York City, Cleveland and Detroit) along with some Northern cities of Canada(Toronto and Ottawa) went under power hemorrhage which affected more than 50 million people in those states crippling

Swiss court convicts Benazir and Asif

Ms Benazir Bhutto, her husband Asif Zardari, along with a Swiss lawyer, are charged guilty of arraying an illegal six per cent of commission or 'bribe' worth $12 million for awarding a pre-shipment customs inspection contract to two Swiss firms Societe

Cock and Bull story of Geneva Convention

US government has placed the death pictures of so called sons of Saddam Hussein, Uday and Qusay, on display as reported killed on 22nd July. US Secretary of State Donald Rumsfield has affirmed the rightness of act of disclosing graphic pictures showi

Who is amenable to the death of Dr. Kelly?

On Friday, July 18 Police found Dr David Kelly dead, after a search, on account of his being missing from the previous night. Police has confirmed that the death was emplaced by slit-wrist.

India abjures US request of sending troops to Iraq

Few days before Indian Government refused US Government officially to send its troops to Iraq for peacekeeping. This decision came after two hour meeting of security committee in New Delhi. The United States had asked India for a division -- 15,000 to 20

Acquitted Pakistani claims 10m$ from USA

Muhammad Sanghir, a native of NWFP, detained after US led attacks over Afghanistan from Northern Kunduz province and freed after 10 months being declared “innocent” by US Officials. According to Muhammad Sanghir he went to Afghanistan for preaching three

Afghanistan's stability

Recent tension between Afghanistan and Pakistan on the issue of intrusion into former's territory in pursuit of Al-Qaida activists by later's army have triggered diplomatic problems between the two countries. The attack on Pakistan's embassy in Kabul led

Recognizing Israel ?

Israel said that it would be pleased to establish diplomatic relations with Pakistan if Islamabad recognised the Jewish state. "We do not regard Pakistan as an enemy, we have no conflict with them (Pakistan). If they would like to establish diplomatic

Iraq War - legal or illegal ?

Intellectuals, scholars and media around the world are arguing the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has made the legality of the war questionable ?

Pakistan India Talks

The opposition and the allies in Pakistani Parliament have supported the notion to normalize relations with India and resolve all issues including core issue of Kashmir dispute through dialogue.

US War On Iraq

Without UN approval, US and Britain have launched attacks on Iraq.

Book of Condolence

Please submit your condolences to the families of the officers who have crashed in this tragic incident. PakTribune.Com will send this messages of yours to the grieved ones

Iraq Crisis

USA has gone to U.N numerous times introducing different resolutions for use of force against Iraq. U.N. inspectors on the other hand are asking for more time. France, Germany, Russia and China are also stressing upong giving more time to the U.N. Inspec

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