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Sunday May 19, 2024, Zul-qaadah 11, 1445 Hijri


US Nuclear Pact with India

US President George W. Bush has given a passionate defence to a controversial nuclear agreement with India against criticism from Democrats in the Congress who say the deal rewards New Delhi for bad behaviour.

Cartoon Controversy

Recent publication of blashpemous cartoon in a Danish newspaper has sparked a new wave of controversy, violence and protest among the muslim world.

Innocent victims

United States, while refusing to tender any apology, has defended the deadly air strike on a northwestern Pakistani village Damadola (Bajur Agency), in which 18 people, mostly women and children, had died on Friday

Ahmadinejad Suggestions

Is a Pakistani Christian equal to a fellow Muslim?

Did the President Lie


Recognizing Israel

Gaza Pull Out

Obituary: King Fahd

Saudi Arabia's King Fahd, who moved his country closer to the United States but ruled in name only since suffering a stroke in 1995, has died, the Saudi royal court said.He was 82. He is succeeded by Crown Prince Abdullah.

London Bombings

A series of bomb attacks on London's transport network has killed more than 50 people and injured hundreds of others

Security Agency's Role Against Criminals

A lame excuse on derogatory WT cartoon

Police baton charges journalists rallies

Women's Participation in Marathons

Women Leading The Prayers

Iranian Nuclear Conflict

Crisis in Balochistan

Tsunami Disaster in Asia

As dawn broke on Dec 26, across the Bay of Bengal, 11 countries struck by tsunamis in the wake of the most powerful earthquake magnitude 9.0 the planet has seen in 40 years.

Elections in Iraq

Iraqis are scheduled to elect a 275-member National Assembly on Jan. 30, and those lawmakers will draft a new constitution.

Shaukat Aziz's trip to India

Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz and Indian PM Manmohan Singh have expressed satisfaction with the progress of what is known as the Composite Dialogue Process and agreed to carry it forward.

Osama Vs American foreign policy

Osama bin-Laden has threatened new attacks on the United States in a new videotape broadcast just four days before the American presidential election.

The Next Afghan President

Afghanistan's first democratic election on October 9,2004 has been thrown into confusion after it was announced that most presidential candidates including ethnic Tajik former Interior Minister Yunus Qanooni, Uzbek strongman Abdul Rashid Dostum, and Masso

Bush-Kerry Race for Presidency

President Bush surprised many of his critics in his one hour long speech to the Republican Delegates gathered at the Convention Center, with his eloquence, and his exuberating confidence in his pitch and convincing delivery.Mr. Bush presented an Agenda fo

Clashes in Najaf

Muqtada al-Sadr, a young Iraqi Shia cleric, forwarded his four major demands, in the wake of a weeklong skirmishes in and around city of Najaf with the Coalition/Iraqi forces. First, the Coalition should liberate Iraq or at least Najaf, the Shiite holy ci

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