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Pakistan offers mediation to settle Iran N-conflict

11 June, 2010

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ISLAMABAD: As Iran finds itself with very few supporters, and none who have condemned the UN Security Council sanctions, Pakistan on Thursday said it was ready to play a role in seeing the world powers settle ‘differences’ with Tehran diplomatically.

As Iran maintained a stiff upper lip in face of some of the strongest sanctions against its nuclear programme, Islamabad called for a negotiated settlement.

“Pakistan has always called for a negotiated settlement of the issues surrounding Iran’s nuclear programme. We will continue encouraging all the parties concerned to reengage in purposeful diplomacy and settle differences in the spirit of cooperation and accommodation. Beyond that I would not like to speculate as to the implications for the region or why this sanction has come about, as we already know the background. We all know what has led to this resolution,” the spokesman at the Foreign Office told the weekly media briefing.

However, as the world powers ensure that Iran is economically ‘strangulated’, the spokesman said its ongoing cooperation with Iran on the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline would not be hit by these sanctions.

“As far as our IPI project is concerned, it is a commercial agreement to meet our energy deficit and beyond the purview of this resolution,” the spokesman responded to a query.

Israel’s blatant blood letting on the Freedom Flotilla and Iran’s nuclear programme were pointed out to the spokesman. “On Israel, you would remember that there was a presidential statement from the Security Council, condemning the attack on the Freedom Flotilla. Now, efforts are afoot to see as to how international investigations could be conducted into that serious crime committed by Israel,” the spokesman said.

Israel’s nuclear programme, which appeared to have been sidelined by the UNSC, was also raised at the briefing as well as the expansion of the UNSC. The spokesman pointed to the recently held NPT Review Conference in New York where there was a resolution to make the Middle East a Nuclear-Weapons Free Zone.

“I think the international community needs to work together to achieve this objective. As far as Pakistan is concerned, our position on the UNSC reform is clear. We do want this body to become democratic. We nevertheless do not support expansion in the permanent category of the Council. We are working within the framework of the Uniting for Consensus (UFC), along with other like-minded countries. We have put our proposals on the table and we will see how things evolve in the weeks and months ahead,” he added.

As eyebrows were raised when US Secretary of State Robert Blake publicly took an Indian ‘friendly’ stance and said the upcoming foreign ministers meeting between India and Pakistan would not ponder over Kashmir, the spokesman did not agree, saying Pakistan had a right to discuss ‘all’ the issues.

Even on Thursday, official voices in New Delhi said it was not going to discuss substantive issues like Kashmir with Pakistan in the proposed rounds of dialogue, but was only attempting to create the “right atmosphere” for removing the trust deficit for a broad dialogue later.

The spokesman responded: “I think you all understand that the trust deficit, which exists between Pakistan and India, is not a new phenomenon. It is there since decades for several reasons and you are all aware of those. We believe that in order to move forward meaningfully with a view to bridging this trust deficit, it is important that, as agreed by the two prime ministers at Thimphu, we discuss all the issues, which continue to bedevil our relations and this is what we intend to do when the two foreign ministers meet in Islamabad in July.”

Nevertheless, Pakistan is in a preparatory mode for the upcoming interactions with India. The spokesman recalled Foreign Minister Qureshi’s meeting with the Indian Commerce Minister on the sidelines of the CICA Summit in Istanbul and Wednesday’s meeting between Pakistan’s high commissioner and the Indian home minister in New Delhi in the context of the upcoming Saarc meeting of home/interior ministers in Islamabad, which would take place on June 26.

“The meeting was also about a bilateral interaction between our interior minister and his Indian counterpart on the margins of the Saarc meeting in Islamabad. Overall, I think both countries agree that we need to move forward in a sustained manner, so that the engagement process may not be disrupted again. There is also a realisation that it is important that we take meaningful steps forward, so that the trust deficit, which exists between our two countries, may be bridged,” said the spokesman.

Pakistan has not shied away from hard facts that it can do much better to improve its human rights record, as pointed out in the latest Amnesty International report.

“The democratic government of Pakistan is fully committed to improving the human rights situation in Pakistan. There is no denying the fact that there are problems, there are issues that need to be handled and handled effectively. Having said that I would like to say that the government of Pakistan is sparing no effort in order to overcome these with a view that human rights of all our citizens are ensured in accordance with the Constitution,” said the spokesman.


Reader Comments:

Paks are for peace and peace only

Peace is the only and only option left in this stand off.Even president Bush's army generals advise to US president was to exercise peace only in the stand off and he had to opt only for peace even when the temptation and push from the little master was other wise.

If you read the New York Times and the Russian Pravda of the recent days,you are made to believe that the world did survive a possible global catostrophy or may be annihilation if the doomsday probability was to be true.The detailed article in New York Times in particular does reveal why the mighty Russia and particularly mighty China had to or were forced into voting against Iran on sanctions and China had to swallow the bitter pill to protect its energy security and its energy related future of economic prowess.Only the Iran related global energy security is going to keep peace for all as war in Iran and surrounding oil and gas fields of middle East will kill for ever the most economies of the world.

According to New York Times, Israelis went to China and warned all out war in middle East that could have destroyed China's energy supplies and its economc fast track path for ever. Not only China's, but India's and Europe's fate would have been dismal and disaster as India's energy basket is more than 75 percent oil dependent.Imagine what India would be doing with less than one million barrels per day of overall energy use of more or less same size yet seven times more people using that energy than Paks.

Again,peace is being kept in and around Iran for fear of loss of that energy in-security.

God forbid,in case of war,Pakistan's economy will shrink to 65 percent of current level as Pak drive CNG powered cars mostly.India's economy will be reduced to 25 percent if Israel,God forbid does carry out the threat talked to China.According to the New York Times, that Israeli warning was the reason that China changed its years of firmly held position and voted amongst the ten votes out of thirteen against Iran.Brazil and Turkey were the only two votes voted in favour of Iran and one Lebanese one was abstaining.

In my firm faith,I do believe that humanity will see peace in that region.We hate, hate and hate war.Peace is must,because the humanity had it for its survival,if major war breaks out there.Even president Bush had to swallow peace pill despite all otherwise temptations by the little yet firmly controlling master.Pakistan is a small fish in the water and must not try any thing where even mighty China had to swallow pride killer pill.If you do not build military muscles matching your economy, you just do not sail smooth.Russia still has somewhat stronger military muscles, but they are un-sustainable and not worth taking survival risk as its economy is one fifteenth that of America.China has second biggest economy in the world, but its military muscles do not match its economy.

Even president Anwar Sadat of Egypt,after his victory in Suez,had to change 180 degrees as he said as:

'Israel is America and America is Israel and peace was the only option even after initial battle field victory."

Peace in Iran and around in the energy lifeline of the world will be dictated by the related energy security of almost all this world of ours.

I would wish that Pak leaders stay pacified on the issues where even Russia and particularly mighty China even had to swallow the bitter pill.New York Times and Pravda must be talking truth.

War or peace,it will be peace in and around Iran.Middle East and Iran related energy security is the main protection for Iran.Russian S-300 missiles are another thing, but one has to see if Russia gives them to Iran when a contract was signed 3 years ago.

Again, peace is the only option there.

Today,Islamic world is changing and re-arranging for favour and sympathy with Iran.Regional friends can be of better help to each other rather than getting involved the mighty one.The world knows it very well that US and Israel are one entity, or otherwise Israelis would never had dared to deliver a world ending hit warning right in the face of the mighty Chinese or perhaps even the Russians.

The fast developing regional unity and friends from heart can stand by you for survival reasons.

I must state a real fact of 2006-2007 where I was listening to a conversation.An Israeli soldier had escaped to Canada from 2006 conflict around river Litany, where Hazballah of Lebanon held very firm and strong.Two Iranian Bahai men asked this soldier as to how many Arabs he killed with his own hands.The Israeli soldier then living in Canada replied as:

'After fight around Litany river in Lebanon,it will be much advisable if the then president Bush carves out Israel right in Texas for safety reasons."

I heard this conversation with my own ears and I did have chance to talk to that ex-Israeli war experienced soldier few times later.


Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 11 June, 2010

Nuclear Iran

Ahmadinejad will either procure or manufacture nuclear weapons for Iran. In the meantime all these talks with Russia, Brazil and Turkey are merely a smoke screen.

david wayne osedach, United Kingdom - 13 June, 2010

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