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Dr. Aamir Liaqat's masters, PhD degrees are fake

09 March, 2005

ISLAMABAD: (File photo) MQM Parliamentarian and Minister of State for Religious Affairs, Zakat & Ushr, Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain, who allegedly purcha
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KARACHI, March 10 (Online): MQM parliamentarian and minister of state for religious affairs Dr. Aami Liaqat has allegedly purchased fake degrees of Masters in Islamic Studies, Masters in Business Administration and PhD from 'The Trinity College and University, Spain which is an unrecognized university, besides the university is not included in the list of recognized international universities available with Karachi University, reports Karachi based Urdu Daily.

In a stunning investigation by the Urdu Daily it has been documented and proved that Dr Aamir purchased fake University degrees to contest the 2002 general election, forced the Karachi University officials to authenticate these degrees in a single day and prevented any investigations by the newspaper to dig deep into the unavailable records at the University.

The newspaper, however, persisted with the three-month long probe and was able to obtain the copies of the "University" degrees Dr Aamir used to make himself eligible to contest the election for a National Assembly seat on the MQM ticket from Karachi. He won because of the party ticket and when MQM joined the Musharraf coalition, he was made Minister of state for Religious Affairs in the cabinet.

Dr Aamir did not have a graduate degree in 2002 and according to the investigation he surfed web site in Spain, The Trinity College & University, which boasts about providing Bachelors, Masters or even Doctorate degrees, without attending any class or college. "Everything by Email" the web site of the College says right on top with the big slogan: "Get your degree today."

Dr Aamir purchased his "Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies" degree (Serial No: P-2002227 Dated March 17, 1995), got his "Master of Arts in Islamic Studies" degree (No: P-2002341 Dated March 15, 2002) and his "Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies" degree (No: P-2002528 Dated April 5, 2002).

The newspaper reports claims that the minister of state for religious affairs Dr. Aamir Liaqat secured his PhD degree in just three weeks after his Master's degree, if the documents are to be believed.

Karachi based Daily Ummat contacted the Karachi University authorities to find out how these web site Email degrees were authenticated in a single day, in writing, by the then registrar of Karachi University, Prof. NM Aqil Burney. The registrar received the application from Dr Aamir on August 24, 2002, days before filing of his nomination papers for the NA election and authenticated his degrees through letter No PA/2002 Dated August 24, 2002.

Prof. Aqil, however, did leave some elbow room by stating in his letter that the authentication was "provisional" and the final decision would be conveyed to the applicant in due course of time. That decision was neither needed nor taken nor conveyed to anyone as Dr Aamir had used the provisional certificate to get himself elected to the Parliament and the matter was pushed under the rug.

When the newspaper contacted Prof Aqil later to ask how he could issue the authentication without referring the documents to the Equivalence Committee, he admitted that Dr Aamir had come to him with degrees from some Trinity College Spain and he authenticated them on the pot.

Prof Aqil kept no record of these degrees and when the newspaper contacted the current registrar to verify whether any such record was kept, no one could trace the file, as none existed.

When the newspaper contacted the Higher Education Commission in Islamabad, the official authority on the matter, to verify whether the Trinity College & University of Spain, which issued the degrees to Dr Aamir, was a recognized institution by Pakistan, Director General Mohammed Javed Khan informed the newspaper vide a letter Dated February 23, 2005 that the Trinity College was not recognized. The letter confirmed the forgery of Dr Aamir and abetment in the forgery by Prof Aqil to facilitate his candidacy in the election.

Daily Ummat also obtained copies of the degrees Dr Aamir presented to the Election Commission and during the investigation found that the Trinity College and University, Spain had placed exactly similar samples on its web site, offered the same day for a price.

The investigation leaves Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain, MQM Chief Altaf Hussain and General Pervez Musharraf in an embarrassing political dilemma. Musharraf has been promoting Dr Aamir as the heir apparent of Altaf Hussain himself and the way his curve was rising was creating serious apprehensions within the MQM circles as well.


Reader Comments:

best actor

assalam o alaikum
if this is true ask him what would be his punishment on the doomsday as we all know him as a scholar of islamic literature.everyone knows that seat is important but this goes too far. pakistanis are used to such cheatings but our great government shoud take strict action against him.
dr.amir proved the foretelling of Rasool Allah about doomsday that an illiterate will be asked for the matters of shariat. i think this is the time to unveil eyes and mind one who isnot loyal to us should have his place and the one who was so generous and obedient to his nation and give us proud to be a first islamic nation got atomic energy just realise what we have done with him.this is a difference which has to be analyse.this is a well known fact that KHUDA BHEE QISMAT NAHEE BADALTA US QOAM KI NA HO JISE KHAYAL KHUD APNE QISMAT KE BADALNE KA( SORRY FOR THE WRONG STANZA)
now students have to play role and prove the benefit of their degrees . but i must have admit that we got brilliant actor who can get oscar award if he nominated isnt it???

shagufta, Pakistan - 10 March, 2005

Research on fake degrees

Unfortunately for Dr Liaqat, he has suffered the ticking timb bomb syndrome. All it took was one simple question, and his resume blew up. I am currently undertaking a real PhD at the University of Adelaide on the problem of fake degrees, and his story is all too familiar.


George Brown
PhD candidate
The University of Adelaide

George Brown, Aruba - 10 March, 2005

Sorry to Say

I used to watch his program on GEO 'Alam-on-Line' regularly and I was also trying to act upon his advises, but one day I saw him on ARY Digital with Dr. Shahid Masood in views on news, after that I was shocked to know that (sorry to say) Dr. Ammir Liquat turned to be a hypocrite and liar but this was my opinion now I think that my opinion is true.
M N Bagan

M N Bagan, Pakistan - 10 March, 2005

He should resign and his political career finsihed, he should be barred from contesting elections anymore......MQM prides itself on having educated people in thier midst and is against feudalism, what kind of message is this going to tell others?.......

Aqdas, Pakistan - 10 March, 2005


By now every body knows the truth about the so called (Dr.) Aamir Liaquat Hussain who obtained fake degrees just to become a member of the National Assembly. I appreciate the efforts of the journalist(s) involved in the investigations who dig the truth.

General Pervez Musharraf's government made a rule that members of the parliament should at least be a graduate. The law was made by the military government prior to holding general elections in the country to keep away the political rivals from contesting the elections in the country.

The “graduate assemblies” could not do any thing during the PMLQ's tenure, except that Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain played his role by playing with the strings which he is holding in his hands.

It is a disgrace for the General himself and his government that so many members of the parliament submitted fake documents in order to become members of the provincial and national assemblies, which is not a general practice in the world.

If the honourable journalists keep on investigating about the degrees of the rest of the parliamentarians, I am confident that in all of the four assemblies, the national assembly and in the senate, only twenty five percent candidates would be having original degrees and rest of them would be having fake degrees which might have obtain in the same way and manner as Aamir Liaquat Hussain.

Thus General Musharraf should now dissolve the assemblies and announce fresh general elections in the country. But this time the election procedure should be revived and to be a “graduate” should not be a condition to become a member of the parliament.


PRO BONO PUBLICO, United Kingdom - 10 March, 2005

papa kehtey they bara naam karey ga .....

He was trying to misguide Muslims through his program and Allah showed what Mr. Amir is all about. I feel sad for our "parhey likhey jahil" brother and sisters who adored this fake guy. There was nothing genuine about him and I don't know why people liked him so much.
GEO should apologize the entire nation and may Allah save us from these fake scholars.

Imran Siddiqui, Pakistan - 10 March, 2005


Dr liaqat always sounded so fake. He even wears *lipstick* on his show ALIM ON LONE on GEO TV.

ayesha, United Kingdom - 10 March, 2005

Jahil On-line

This Jahil Online become ALIM Online with the help of ONLINE UNIVERSITY -- well we should be proud on him because he is the very firs human being in this earth who can obtain Doctorate in Islamic Studies as well as Bechelor and Masters in Islamic Studies from a Catholic Country -- well may be one day his followers can obtain degrees in Islamic Studies from any universities in Israel. Everything is fare in Love and War.

Muhammad Aamir, Canada - 10 March, 2005

ub kia ho ga?

Wah Liaqat Hussain,tu nay kamal kar ditta,but dont worry you have "MQM degree" issued by Altaf Hussain.yettay guttay,yettay guttay.any how credit goes to "DAILY UMMAT" who exposed this scam.

khalid Awan, Pakistan - 10 March, 2005

Following the Predecessors Faithfully

Musharaf and Company had one slogan "a big change towards betterment". What we see is no change with the same old shameful practices all around. Dr. ( I doubt if I should call him doctor) Aamir is not the only example but many of the parliamentarians from the ruling party or sitting with them were not graduates before the last general elections. This issue has been raised in media (thanks being to it) time and again, yet the rulers turned a blind eye on it except in one or two cases where opposition members were to be punished. This is a very serious matter and should be tackled that way. Just a negation by the minister would not do any good and should not be accepted like always.

It is very easy to verify the whole thing. I have just checked with the said college and they do offer such degrees in a day. If his degrees are from the same college and were obtained in very short period of time and were authenticated provisionally then there remain no doubt in this matter. The minister's qualification is fake and he committed a crime by knowing presenting such documents to deceive and getting it authenticated apparently by pressurizing. This issue has to be investigated by a known honest and impartial person and not by any dubious character or NAB and whatever the outcome is the reality should be brought before public. No democracy exists without the right of knowledge for people.

The case further proved the futility of present government's policies. If everyone without a degree was elected easily on fake documents and are still holding the offices and the disqualified got their sons or daughters elected then what good the policy regarding election of educated and clean handed politicians could do to the country. It seems the Musharaf government is following the footsteps of its predecessors very faithfully.
Dr. Aamir also did the same. He followed other politicians who used a religious image for political gains. Take the example of Dr. Tahir al Qadri. Allah bestowed him with knowledge and art of speech. He could have used it for the religion of Islam and for the betterment of mankind. Somehow, unfortunately, he did not do that but indulged in politics and tried to exploit his image for that purpose. If such politicians were denounced by Musharaf then is Dr. Aaamir any different?

A quotation says “thoughts lead on to purposes; purposes go forth in action; actions form habits; habits decide character; and character fixes our destiny”. Watch if we are true to our words and sincere in any of the prerequisites to change our destiny.

Imran Hotiana, Pakistan - 11 March, 2005


mr amir liaqaut must be punished for that..actually the whole mqm leaders possess these trinty college search is not completed yet. daily ummat should search against every single leader of mqm ..

syedalihaninaqvi@, - 11 March, 2005

Rape of Education

It means that AAMIR LIAQAT HUSSAIN treated miss education like "MUKHTARAAN MAI"Please note that governor sindh is co-accused as he signed the degrees.ub kia ho ga?

khalid Awan, Pakistan - 11 March, 2005


Which adalat(court)will take notice of this news of fake degrees of wafaqi minister,as this is also a rape case with

ASIF BIN KHALID, Pakistan - 11 March, 2005

an other set back

this is very small example of whats happening in this country..those who have geniuine degrees they r facing hard times like dr qadeer khan and those with fake degrees are minsters like dr amir liaqat hussain or sheikh rasheed ahmed..the saviours of pakistan ..this is the irony of fate that pakistan is facing such a crisis that people like parvez musharaf,sheikh rasheed and amir liaqat husaain are ruling pakistan ......

w a malik, Canada - 11 March, 2005

yeah exactlyyyy!

when i think back now after reading this article, it brings to my mind how he used to speak fakely! what a loser, and he was made the minister of religion by mushi, idiot!

Salman, Pakistan - 12 March, 2005

shame 4 him

when i see first time this froud person on geo tv,i pass some coments about him that he is a big froud.he make himself a socalled scholer for to get political benifits and i am sure one day this froud will be open. now i read this report whos open this.thx 4 millat and paktribune to do this good work.

sahir zaman, Pakistan - 12 March, 2005

Totally Liar Fake Man

OH Shit!!! Fact is Fact Crystal clear fake man fake degrees I think he is only the First man in the History of Muttahida Qoumi Movements who is really Not Haq Parast he is liar Altaf Bhai Leader of the great Nation Kick out this man from the list of Haq Parast without any further delay.

Bashir Khan, Pakistan - 12 March, 2005

It should not have been NEWS in Pakistani Society

A very famous definition of NEWS is "If dog bites a man then it is not NEWS, but if a man bites a dog then it is NEWS". The fact that a cabinet minister has fake degrees may be breaking news in Canada, but who cares about such petty matters in Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Asad Malik, Canada - 12 March, 2005



PAKI, United Kingdom - 13 March, 2005

He is Smart, talented and hardworking

Dr. Aamir is also a MBBS docter (Uni of Sind) which the Jamati paper did not report. One wonders why?

Our beloved Alama-Iqbal Open University could also be seen as a "fake" univeristy if one can think of getting an online education is farud these days. Many US and western universities are offering online/ distance learning education.

Dr. Aamir has proven to be succesful man and will continue to do his job which is quite good at. Mushharf likes knowledge able, talented, smart and hardworking guys and he is one of them.

Now, Daily Ummat of MMA should also expose fake maderassa degrees of leaders/MNAs otherwise the credibilty of this paper can be questioned to targert framing revenge against Dr. Aamir and his political base.

Right wing mullahs

S Khan, United Kingdom - 13 March, 2005

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