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Best Vape Mod Clouds

06 February, 2019

The emergence of vaping or smoking through electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes has become widely popular all over the world. More and more people are becoming hooked with vaping; hence, the evolution of vaping came forward. With many vapers presently than it was 5 or 6 years ago, the vaping industry has evolved in countless ways that one can have the chance to cope with completely. Along with the evolution of vaping, comes ‘Cloud chasing,’ which is done by exhaling a large amount of vapor from the e-cigarette. Other names for cloud chasing are ‘Stunt vaping’ or ‘Extreme vaping.’ Another common name for vaping is ‘sub-ohm vaping.’ To attain this form of vaping, the e-cigarette needs to be built explicitly for this purpose. 

Regular vapers develop cloud chasing habit by experimenting with their e-cigarettes, thus the consumption of large quantities of e-Liquid or also known as vegetable glycerin, to enhance the production of vapor of clouds. From being a recreational and another way to quit smoking, vaping has become competitive. Competitions are held almost everywhere, and sponsorships and prizes have started to come into whoever is the best cloud chaser. 

To attain the cloud like vapor from your e-cigarettes, it is crucial to focus on several features. Here is a list of some of the things you need to consider when searching for the best vape mods for the cloud in your local stores:

•    Device Battery
In an e-cigarette, the battery is the primary source of power which is very important in cloud chasing. Casual vapers only require a device that usually comes with a fixed voltage, while sub-ohm vapers require variable voltage and wattage for their e-cigarette. The battery capacity has a central role in your vaping experience and vapor output. Hence, when you're searching for a quality vape mod for the cloud chasers, you should prioritize the battery capacity, ohms variation, and air resistance alteration.

•    Consider the airflow setting
Another critical factor to consider is the airflow, which keeps the coil of the e-cigarette from overheating. Most e-cigarette explosion is caused by setting the airflow to a minimum. Sufficient airflow will allow the device to produce more vapors and lets the old vapor in the coils to be replaced with new and fresh generated vapors. Also, the airflow setting of the device reduces the chance of firing up. Remember, when you turn off the device power, the e-liquid turns into a vapor blocking the coil. For you to enjoy a better experience, your device must have sufficient airflow for cooling or condensing the vapor back to a liquid form. Also, it enhances the proper circulation of the vapor giving the vapers a better experience. Hence, it is essential to consider the airflow setting before purchasing a mod for cloud vaping.

•    The vape tank size
The size of the vape tank that holds the e-Liquid needs to be considered if the primary goal of vaping is for cloud chasing because it will require more e-liquid compared to the consumption of a regular vaper. For a regular Viper, a small tank is a good idea as it offers you the best experience. However, cloud chasing requires a large amount of e-liquid to provide vapers with an excellent experience. So, if your focus is on cloud chasers, you should ensure the vape tank size is enough to give the best cloud blow.

•    Prioritizing power settings
Another crucial factor to consider is the power settings. Big cloud production means that more power is needed to crank up your device. For instance, 80Watt power will offer a big cloud blow compared with a 20Watt option. However, to do this safely, those mentioned earlier should also be considered. You must ensure your tank size and airflow are inconsistent with your wattage. If a double from its original state increases the wattage, other factors like airflow should follow suit to prevent the coil from overheating.

Failure to do this can lead to a vape explosion. But, all should be counterbalanced with how you draw your vapor from your device. In a word, the power setting should be adjustable to suit with the needs of your vapers. Some vapers have a preference of a hotter vapor while others are okay with a warm one. The proper power setting of the device should enable them to enjoy their flavor.

Paying close attention to these elements can help you make the right decision on the best vaping device. After considering the factors that will generally affect the outcome of your cloud chasing, below is a brief discussion on the top 5 best vape mod cloud available in the market today. However, you can read a comprehensive article on the best vape mode clouds to gain an in-depth understanding of the available vape mod clouds.

1.    Vapir Prima Vaporizer
Manufactured by Vapir which is one of the leading and most trusted name in the vaping industry. It is the most compatible for cloud chasing that can be used with either wax or herbs. This product has an outstanding sleek aluminum design. It has a removable vapor channel made of stainless steel. Also, it comes with a replaceable lithium-ion battery meaning you will not need to spend more cash when it expires. All you will need is to replace it.

Apart from this, the manufacturer understands the current nature of mobility. This device is portable and light-weighted. You can carry it to and from home and continue enjoying your vaping experience. To ensure the user enjoys a superb experience, the manufacturer fixes four temperature setting optimization. The settings lie between 350°F and 400°F. This aspect makes it stand out as the best performing vaping device in the industry. Also, the manufacturer offers you the freedom of choice. This device is available in a different color such as blue, silver, orange, and black.  

2.    KandyPens Ice-cream Man Vaporizer
Also one of the most trusted names in the vaping industry. This device allows the user to navigate through their desired temperature which is best for big cloud production. This manufacturer’s product is known to be producing thicker and milkier clouds according to active vapers. This device stands out concerning heating management and power saving.

Ice-cream Man Vaporizer comes with a dual quartz rod atomizer. This element helps you to enhance even heating and avoid any case of over-heating. Also, it is set to shut down automatically when not in use to save the battery. As a user, you do not need to keep recharging the battery. The device can take you for a couple of days before requiring a recharge. Hence, you continue to enjoy your vaping moment even when in remote areas.  

3.    Genius Pipe-Classic
As the name suggests, Genius Pipe is genius in various aspects. First, it comes with an original design which makes it easy for vapers to use. In particular, it is the best mod option for vapers that want clean and comfortable without the hassle of cleaning the device every time. The device has a waterless filtration system. This system enhances waterless filtration without tampering with the quality and concentration of the vaping material. Also, it comes with a perfect design that makes it easy to carry for vapers on the go. You can fit it on your purse, wallet, or pocket without any hassle.  If you’re searching for the best herb pipe, Genius Pipe is the way. This mod pipe has the best flavor and smooth hits that make your vaping experience memorable.

When it comes to cleaning, Genius Pipe is easy and flexible. This device has three pieces which you can draw apart and reassemble them with zero difficulties. Also, it has a medical-grade anodized aluminum. This element makes it easy to clean in comparison with other vaping devices available in the market.  Hence, if you are a vapor chaser that hates intensive device cleaning moments, Genius Pipe is your preferred choice.

4.    SMOK Alien
The manufacturer SMOK has built a name for itself with its durability and unique design, coming with a large tank that can hold twice as much e-Liquid which is the best mod for extreme cloud chasers. This qualifies it as the top-ranking mod cloud vaping devices provider. SMOK Alien stands out in offering the users a choice of controlling temperature. The device has a power outage of 220W. Users can alter the heat to enjoy a better vaping experience.

Also, it is sensitive to large power outputs which fit with your demand as the user. If you are holding a sizeable vaping event, SMOK is a good idea. The devices come with large tanks for holding high quantities of e-liquid. Also, it produces cloud rich in flavor. Hence, it is a good option for producing a mod for cloud vaping chasers.  
However, for on the go vapers, SMOK Alien is terrible news. Due to its size, it is hard to carry it around. Nonetheless, it is a good option for people focusing on a sizeable vaping cloud.

5. Innokin iSub Apex Tank
Its recognizable design comes with the stainless-steel casing and a pyrex glass tank that can also hold as much e-Liquid needed by sub-ohm vapers. It includes a top-filling mechanism that allows the user to change the coils easily. Innokin is a preferred choice for young and upcoming vapers. It is a vaping brand that tallies with young people frenzy desires. In particular, this brand is suitable for young cloud chasers. Innokin is one of the oldest brands in the vaping sector. Also, it leads others in the vaping innovations. For every new brand introduced in the market, Innokin adds extra flavors and features. This way, it keeps the competitors at par and offers the vaping community a reason to enjoy even more.

This device is a good option for beginners. Also, for experienced people who love the cloud chasing vaper sport. It has a standing out design and an easy method of changing coils. Also, the device utilizes technology to take vaping to a higher level. The Apex Prism technology comes with two standard 0.5 coils backed up with a watt performance of between 30 and 40. Again, it has a stainless-steel body that enhances its cleaning and durability. Hence, the option is excellent for people looking forward to holding cloud vaping sporting activity attracting beginners and young vapers.


Volcano Classic Vaporizer
This vaping device is a product from Storz & Bickel - a German company. Volcano stands out as a high performer and powerful device. Also, it is one of the few vaping devices with warranties. The device comes with a three-year warranty. In case of any manufacturer related malfunctioning, you can return it. The device prioritizes user safety. It comes with a food safety aluminum block precaution. This aspect is combined with a super quality vapor bag delivery system that ensures you remain safe. Also, it has a flexible temperature control setting to meet the user's heating preferences. This is possible through the classic temperature dial regulations.
Volcano fits in best mod vapes for the cloud. It has a topnotch cloud production and vapor output. Also, it comes with pure and robust flavor hits living the cloud chasers with a smile. The device is harmful irritant-free. As a user, you have an opportunity to customize each vaping session using the classic rotatory dial. Again, it has the capacity and ability to store the vaping vapor for at least 8 hours. As such, you can continue enjoying the vaping moment for a longer duration. These aspects position Volcano Classic Vaporizer as a competitive mod for cloud vaping device.

With a lot of vape mods that are out and available in the market today, it may be a bit difficult for vapers to choose from all of them that promise the best cloud chasing experience than the other brands. However, considering your vaping needs concerning the features in the vaping devices can help you to choose the best option. Also, this only shows that the traditional way of vaping may be well out the window. The presence of vape mods for regular and large scale users is an indication that vaping technology is moving to a new level.

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