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Sohail Parwaz

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United Arab Emirates

25 March, 2010

No More Do more Opinion

Your blind faith that India is your enemy is the cause of Pakistans demise.If a part of Kashmir can belong to China in your opinion then why it can not be a part of India.Please do not forget that Pakistan itself was a part of India.Your are paid by the Americans to kill muslims in your own country and you have accepted the deal.China refused to assit you when facing financial crisis but quite forthcoming in supplying military hardware against India.To day India is Chinas biggest trading partner and you lost out because your foreign policy is anti India and beggars to USA since 1947 and right now once again your leaders are on their knees pleadging for billions of dollars in being an ally of USA killing MUSLIMS.This is haram.Muslims in India are much safer than in Pakistan because India will not allow any country to dictate its foreign policy.Pakistani military is well aware when Israelis were seeking Indian assistance to bomb Pakistani N sites and they were refuted by all the parties in democratic India.Pakistan did not have any nuclear bombs or missiles at that time.India has been always pro Arab because of similar culture and has never at any time sided with another country against the muslims.You are slowly but surely mutiliated by your allies and unless and until Pakistani establishment mend their magando foreign policy you will always be the rent boys of the west.You got every thing yet nothing.Trade with China,India,Arabs,Africa and quit India ecentric policy.Pak can be a major economic power and this time no foreign dictators.

david wayne osedach

United Kingdom

15 May, 2010


Facebook is a social site. You get what you pay for because it's free. I use it for entertainment only.

Abdul Ghani Budhani


19 May, 2010

dirty game.

face book is a dirty game and those involved, addicted from it have been far away from their moral values and have serious disputes with family. my younger son is the victim of this dirty game and lost family values.

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