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Sunday Apr 2, 2023, Ramadan 11, 1444 Hijri
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Nasim Zehra

PakTribune Columnist

The writer is an Islamabad-based security analyst.

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Reader Comments


Imran Siddiqui


24 July, 2007

Nice article. We as a society need to look at our selves and understand that we will get rulers from within ourselves. I personally think that we are not only confused but also corrupt. A cop stops me in Karachi and the first thing comes to my mind is that now I have to pay this guy. If a cop stops me in Toronto then I am thinking about ticket and cost of insurance etc. We need our people to understand that paying tickets and Tax and other things generate revenue for state. This revenue in turn is used for their well being. Both Mr. Ghazi and Mr. Bugti challenged the writ of govt. I respect present regime because they didn’t negotiate like their predecessors. Do you honestly think that negotiating with people like Bugti and Ghazi is a long term solution? Do you think these people respect their accords? It is unfortunate that we lost so many people but at least we are able to move away from muk mukaw mentality. Our media has to a long way! Both Ghazi and Bugti were shown as martyrs and heroes. Give me a break! My heroes are the masses who actually pay tax on their salaries and keep this country from borrowing more. Media in Western countries support their govt. in the time of crisis but our media actually works hard to show that the state is at risk and govt. is always at fault. I wish we do an audit and find the source of income for all of the big names in our media reporting on news and current affairs.



25 July, 2007

Hi Nasim, At the outset please accept my congratulations on the article.In my opinion lack of education propels these elements to go for taking arms/law in their hands and go for easy earnings.Govt. should make an urgent enquiry of all the madersas/masjids to find whether children are being taught to stand on their feet or only brainwashing is being done against other religions/country/caste.Madarsas should be strictly to generate good society.Head of the madarsa has to be scanned thoroughly.Infact these heads are cultivating hatred in the mind of innocent children.We are never late in taking strong action.These people on the pretext of religion/madarsas are generating scores of terrorists/extremists.I think madarsas should be handed over to educated ladies rather than fanatics & periodical check should be conducted.



25 July, 2007

Problem of 100 yrs with all war-conflict

Not too long earlier than 100 years ago ( in the absence of Israel Saudi Sheiks car airplane US Allied soldiers Hitler and vacation package) world did not have war conflict.Even Hindu-Muslim got along fine.Now 1500 million Muslim Umma with above interference have plunged into turmoil.Oil acquisition Israel Saudis USUK Canada as oil Manager are terrible.They want UMMA to follow specific cultism.Oil managers want Muslim to be incompetent and backward New religion people and mafia and oldies want them killed for acquisition of above.Umma has been caught in between above requisite.

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