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Muhammad Ahsan Yatu

PakTribune Columnist

Muhammad Ahsan Yatu is a rationalist. He is based in Islamabad and writes on national and international politics.

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Reader Comments


Tom Edgar


24 August, 2006

Freedom from belief

Until the day all people can make decisions seperated from religious ideolgy, I give that religious beliefs cannot be divorced from influencing thinking, no progress will be made by ANY people. Nobody has the right to impose their particular beliefs, no matter how sincerely held, upon those of contrary or differing persuasions. I pipe dream that greed and religion are dismissed from the human psyche. Then the way will be forward and upward. Nice dream not, I'm afraid, likey to become a reality. Very good article Mr Yatu but to whomsoever it was that placed your mini resume, could I point out "Staunched" in modern parlance means to stop the flow, usually of blood, sometimes water, and is the past participle of to staunch or stop, not something that, I think, was meant. Staunch also means strong or firm, but never staunched. I

benz m Isphahani


24 August, 2006

Some Question on US Militancy is to Flatten Flatten Iran Syria like Iraq Lebanon

Before USA allied even come to Bomb Civilization in Iran Syria nearby to Flatten Homes Office Buildings Apartment Buildings Bridges Airports Railways Factories Farms Rivers and Gas Stations as Satan as Tornadoes as Locusts as Forces of Evil as Enemy of Progress as Wrecker of Muslim Population as Greedy Claimant for Oil with documents of IMF with Shrouds kaffan for UMMA with Pyre Oven to Burn Burnt out Bodies Rotten Human Flesh which is inevitable. Start visualising action with equal and opposite reaction .This time it has to spread instantly everywhere With equal Evil every where as if Hell has Descended in USA EU Israel Equally.Jihad is a Must Requisite. Be Prepared for Eye for an Eye, Economy for Economy Jobs for Jobs with Hell in the River Hell in the Tanker Hell on the Allied Army Residential Buildings Office Commercial District (home –abroad in the real situation) with Plaque of Old Days Fire of Old days North South war fires of Old days with Visible Fire Anarchy Everywhere with Burning Damages Wreckage Everywhere.No more free Collateral bombing or sacrificing own Family country Umma Islam.War has been prescribed for such event in befitting Manner. If Killer bank Robbers Terrorists are of this Magnitude You Treat them As Devil not as USA EU Nation or World Leaders.They are Devil of the past ,Devil Of the recent and Would be devil of future.You do not have to be super Nuke Power Like Russia Warsaw Pact Army to Deal with Them to go after their Homes Their family their Town their Economy their life style Start a war where White Black brown European American Asian African will be Equal (from leftovers).Visualize this Matching Militancy.

Best regards


24 August, 2006

North west flight to Mumbai

All the twelve suspects detained on a Northwest airlines flight to Mumbai were born in Mumbai. Their only fault was this that they were carrying a muslim name.

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