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Kamran Yousafzai

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Pakistan becoming a kidney market Kamran Yousafzai

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United Arab Emirates

31 December, 2006


Bad rogues professionals are everywhere and not just in Pakistan alone. There are many countries where money and living is not a problem but still organ stealing is a big trade and governments of those countries got to keep watchfull eyes to stop this malpractice.


United Kingdom

31 December, 2006

Poverty in Pakistan

It is a shame of what we have today called Pakistan.These problems you don't find in other countries.Corruption that is a cultural value leads to so many problems.There is a need of such people/groups to educated every one that corruption touches every one.No matter how strong you are but you can't be equally strong in every department of Govt.A CSS retires and finds a very different world.Every one is to blame. Islamic scholars (the one that come in contact with masses) unfortuantely also has christianised Islam,as they tell their followers that only being a muslim by name or birth is enough to go in heaven,never mind good deeds.While It is only two things that are Islam,Belief in One and single God and doing good deeds.Nothing else. SItuation is to get worse because the Govt doesn't want to implement merit,so not to loose control on people and to be able to twist arms of criminal politicians in time of political bargaining.I know there are many many lacks of Pakistanis living overseas who upon retirement want to come back to Pakistan with their money,knowledge and experience and more than that the desire to make situation in Pakistan better.But they can't come because they know the bad law and order condition.Nothing is safe.IF these people return and set up business they will hire many many lacks of people. I think situation of poverty will get worse because with Globalisation,more and more western companies will come and will put small businessmen,farmers etc etc out of livelyhood.Pakistani Genrls don't care because for fear or greed they keep American interests above their nation and people.



05 September, 2008


I read your article in ORKUT, I think this ban on kidney selling should be relaxed to the extent of friends.If some commits sucide due to losses in buisness or otherwise and want to save his/her family then what is the harm. Mafias are every where even in case of blood donations mafia is working in every countary and people are selling their blood in need of money very frequently.It should be looked in broad sense because a person can lead a normal life on one kidney. Satya

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