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Wednesday May 31, 2023, Zul-qaadah 11, 1444 Hijri
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Ishaal Zehra

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20 December, 2012


At least the writer admits Pakis were defeated by a rag tag army. Selective reading results in such trash. Yahya Khan was chucked out by the people when his bluff was called. Such conceren for the judicial and social rights of Bangladeshis. Just check it out the social indicators in BD are better than in Paki. Stop harping on the Saudi funded Sharmila, Anyone else you can quote. I guess all those bodies pulled out after the liberation of BD were Pakis. You are anyway getting rammed by the Taliban and the Balouchis. Pakis are the only people who bombed their own people, Bengalies, Baloucs, Pashtouns In SWAT, and soon Sindh. And that by the Punjabi Army. Now kill your health workers and get a nation of polio afflicted, Sorry thats only for the poor. Wake up from denial.



28 May, 2013


The Blue Star happened 30 years back and now you are remembering it, very good, when everyday there is one blue star in Pakistan killing innocent people, children, women, lawyers apart from blowing up schools, corruption, no water and electricity. What type of news site is this? At least you should have a sense of shame. Of course, no Pakistani with that.


31 May, 2013

This is clearly an ugly and misleading commentary on the operation blue star. The writer talks of civilian death during the operation but says nothing about countless innocent people butchered by the terrorists hiding inside the golden temple and taking advantage of the Govt policy not to enter the holy shrine before that. Indeed, these terrorists were the ones desecrating their own holy place and evading accountability and testing patience of the authorities and innocent public at large outraged by their incessant spate of murder, kidnapping and what not for years. The only mistake the the Govt made was waiting too long to put this to an end with a strong hand and provide much needed relief to the masses from the rule of terror by the militants earlier. As far as I recall, the Govt. did give due and loud notice to all inside the temple complex to leave before military operation or risk their lives. And many did so and survived including a prominent akali leader who later died at the hands of a militant for negotiating peace with the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Indian Punjab belongs to all religions and peoples including Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Moslems and not a handful of terrorists often aided and abetted by anti-Indian forces from across the border during those days.

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