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Sunday Apr 2, 2023, Ramadan 11, 1444 Hijri
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Imran Malik

PakTribune Columnist

The writer is a retired brigadier, a former defence advisor to Australia and New Zealand and secretary general of Pakistan Forum for Security and Development.

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Reader Comments


Abdullah khan


03 June, 2013

I think Taliban has only the image created by US and Pakistan Army. Both first created it in Afghanistan to Install their own people Because Afghanistan and Pakistan are jointly the Gate way of Historical Land Route of the world. if this gate way will open it will destroy the sea trade and the Hegemony of US and West because sea route will be less effective after opening of this route and US+WEST hegemony will be if not come to an end it will be less effective and will create new opportunity for Russia , China and eastern block of New world order that is the main cause of US+NATO presence in the region. And before Exit they will demand surety not to open this Route for Trade purpose. This is why USA want bases in Afghanistan. Which will be future cause of disturbances in the region. USA doesn't want peace in Afghanistan, disturbances will benefit USA and will be the main cause to come back again and again in Afghanistan. And USA+west will try in future the route remain block permanently.


United States

12 November, 2013


The position that U.S. (or) and Pakistan created the Afghan Taliban is only partially true. While Pakistan wholly supported the Taliban, the U.S. had NOTHING to do with it's creation!!!!!!!! The U.S. did fund Mudjahadeen activities in Afghanistan against Soviets, pre Taliban...HOWEVER...all such aid was run through General Al Haq's ISI AND NONE OF IT, as reported in conspiracy camp, ever got to Bin Laden, he operated his own and wholly funded Mudjahadeen volunteer group on his own. When the U.S. pulled assistance out of Afghanistan, Pakistan filled the gap and nurtured the just budding Taliban movement. They wanted a fundementalist Islamic buffer along their borders, and what they envisioned would be as a non threatening neighbor. Even 9/11 and the evidence sent Musharraf weren't enough to garner official Pakistan condemnation of the Taliban's refusal to expel (or) hand over Al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan. Just as you, in Pakistan, have religio political leaders publicly insulting the Military and nation, openly and without fear while supporting and eulogizing, as religious mayrters, the leaders of the very men responsible for a secular foreign political agenda(pan-Kaliphist movement) and responsible for a wave of terrorism the world hasn't seen the likes of before....over 40,000 murdered within Pakistan alone since 2007!!!! When Pakistan did come around to condemning Taliban, it always lacked "enthusiasm" for real strategic help against "Afghan Taliban", their own "Frankenstein child" fashioned by the hands of it's creators at(ISI). It's just the opposite for TTP, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, which is not affiliated with Afghan Taliban, and unlike them, is not harboring any nationalist traits. TTP supports the creation of a pan Islamist Kalipha State....just like it's mentor and creator, Al Qaeda!

Junaid Kamal

30 January, 2014

When you military people try to impress people ,many can't hold their laughter.You have destroyed the country called Pakistan and today there is so much difference with India,that if an Indian diplomat does something wrong ,is treated badly in US and leaves,India brings down the sky and the backlash keeps on going while Pakistanis esp under the military had been busy playing as salesman of US interests and policy.If Raymond Davis killed pakistanis,military was supporting him,if US says do this these fauji Khanzeers say Yes Sir and do it.Today we have become inferior and a nation who is doing US work ,killing their own citizens,for dollars.God saves Pakistan from its military.

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