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Wednesday Jun 7, 2023, Zul-qaadah 18, 1444 Hijri
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Farzana Shah

PakTribune Columnist

Farzana Shah is seasoned journalist based in Peshawar and writes articles for various newspapers.

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Reader Comments


Malik shahid


12 July, 2005

Farzana you are spot on with most of your observations. The first being that whatever wrong, criminal or violent act that does get committed in the name of Islam or for it has actually nothing to do with muslims. I am in a Fatwa giving mood, to me all terrorists belong to no religion and specially not Islam. What happened on 7/7 is a pathetically criminally demented act, just as bad as 9/11 or 3/11 or the numerous hits we are so familiar within our motherland. My ftawa is that all terrorists are aids infested rats and deserve only to be put to rest. What I totally disagree with is your tracing the origin of terrorism. It did certainly not start with the afghan great game, but is as old as the history of war and or psy-warfare. Terror is a form of it. The Powerfull have always flexed their muscles and tell me one great nation or people who never used their power, when they had it. It easier said then done to kill the root cause of terror, which in your good words are ignorance, poverty and injustice. Taking these three elements out of the human equation does mean changing the entire social contract and global leadership. Who is responsible for all the mess, it cannot be the common man who gets bombed, rather it is the ones who are responsible for it, namely the leaders of the so-called free world. I pity the kind of freedom we all as humans enjoy today. The most powerfull state on earth is not safe, the most proper of all those who think they are proper are not safe, the Rwandans are not safe, so are the Ethopians. Who is safe, we must see and then maybe follow those models of governance or leadership. Norway, Canada and Iceland also exist on our planet and its people are doing well and infact thriving. We all need to wonder why and what is wrong with the countries where the majority of the people are muslims. We after all do have 70% of the world resources, we all party like their is no tommorow, some eat like that also, ever wondered why all the fatwa making factories are so fat and over bearing. The time is fast comming when all those who oppose extremeism shall have to stand up and be counted and silence is no longer an option. Your standing up for what you beleive in my dear sister, is like a breath of fresh air and I do hope that we all try to understand that we cannot be held hostage to people who are doing much in our name and just say "Please for God sake not in our name can you do, what you do." The title of this new group is strange, as Al-qaeeda I thought is secretive enough, as its cave corporate office address is not public knowledge, now we have a secret society within a secret rat scoiety. Please do write and read more. The discussion forum is down for long here, once it is up and running, please do visit it and enrich it also.



12 July, 2005

Is this news true

In order to prove its commitments towards enlightened moderation the Government has started removing thousands of boards carrying the Kalima Tayybah and Daroow Sharif from threes planed on the Shahra-e-Qaod Aziz. He says in the past such orders were issued but labourers refused to remove these boards which lead to their arrest. Though it is not strange from the present rulers as they can make God angry but not Uncle Bush, nevertheless can any courages citizen of Lahore confirm if this news was correct.



13 July, 2005

I respect authors feelings for innocent people died in this horrific crime. I also condemn the bombings which have taken innocent lives. But how does author know Al-Qaida did it? Does author know Al-Qaida. As a matter fact no body knows Al-Qaida. To show the world that terrorism exist the innocent people get caught and sent to jails and are not been even trial for their crimes. How may we have seen has been charged for the terrorism. Most of them are not allowed to have a lawyer. Any one can claim to be Al-Qaida and take responsibility for the bombing. Do we know who claimed, and how they claim where they claim and to who they claim? It is a terror myth created by the west to use as a an excuse to crush poor nations particularly Islamic to have a control on their lives and national recourses. It is myth created by those who want to invade other countries on false propaganda. It is myth created these nations to show their people that they are really fighting an evil. We have been watching that for so many years now but why world does condemn their actions. By saying that I don' agree with the author, the root cause of present danger and terrorism is not poverty or illiteracy but the terrorism has its roots based in the policies, greed, and hegemony of the west. If poverty and illiteracy was the cause for the terrorism then we would have even more terrorism 50 or 100 years go when world has much poverty and more illiteracy than now.

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