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Dr Maleeha Lodhi

PakTribune Columnist

The writer is a former envoy to the US and the UK, and a former editor of Daily The News (a local Newspaper).

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Sunil Sinha

United Kingdom

21 April, 2010


Pakistan is not only arch enemy of India, so even China which has been making intrusions in Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim. India has a huge border with China, with an already occupied 25,000 square miles of Akasi Chin in Kashmir. Pakistan urge for arms for US is just for mere show to be used against Taliban, but in fact it will be used against India. The demand for the drone with "hell fire" is not for the use against terrorist, definitely it will be used against India.



13 May, 2010

False Hope

Don't get wrong. Indians are ready to talk now, because they do not want pakistan giving excuses to US for not concentrating to destroy terrorist while enjoying US taxpayers money by saying that because of scare of India's invasion from east, you cannot concentrate in war on terror. You guys are paid terrorist pakis to kill other terrorist pakis. You got your wages in advance. So no more excuses. Go and do the job , what US asked. No country in the world wants to invade your poor and shit land. Keept it that with you. But don't give excuses to some stupid Americans. We ( Indians) know you (Pakis) better than anyone else in the World. Actually we do not want any kind of contact with dirty Pakis. But we can't change our neighbor. That’s what our learned PM said. That's our problem. But don't raise your hope that we forgot Indian Parliament attack and 26/11 and other atrocities. It is funny to remind that when paki terrorist attacked Mumbai, International community and US advised India to restrain form retaliation. But even when US has escaped from a failed bombing, Hilary Clinton warned pak about severe consequences if any bombing in US traced back to pakistan. Here is the difference between a proud nation (US) and a nation filled with scum politicians with lack of self-esteem (India).



28 July, 2011

Agreed, But!!!!

As a Governor, his key responsibility was to protect the legal autonomy of the Central Bank. My few reservations are: A person with a legal authority could have done all without early escape. A person with onlt "tell a tale" and with a narrow mindedness like Kardar doesn't deserve to be a Governor of SBP. SBP is not a small organization/manufacturing industry where the person even criticizes expenses on "Tea & Biscuits" consumed in a meeting. Governor is a person who gives policy guidelines motivation to the employess of the SBP rather negative comments on each and every employee. He always talked about change but He himself could not bring any change in the organization having only 1200 people and suggesting the mega changes for which a capacity required that is beyond his imagination. Could he take a single positive action as Provincial Minister of Finance of Punjab? Answer will be No.... What steps he has taken as Governor SBP in this direction.???? There are so many questions in the minds of SBP employees from top to bottom,,,, But the are still unanswered... He was heading an organization, where we heard only few comments in each and every meeting he conducted with the employess... "Promotion is not your right". Annual merit increase or salary rise is not your right..." Can any one ask him.. What career path he had in mind for the employees of the organization.... Can anyone ask him, how would an employee survive in a high inflation country without any salary rise... ...???

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