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Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

PakTribune Columnist

PakTribune is starting an exclusive "Candid Corner" by Lt Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd), who seems to have a knack for analyzing the ordinary day to day issues from an oblique and surprisingly thought provoking angle.

Lieutenant Colonel Riaz Jafri (Retd), now an octogenarian, turned in his tunic in July 1977, precisely on the day General Zia ul Haq (late) imposed martial law in the country. Col. Jafri had been unwittingly and due to the diktats of the service part of the previous two martial laws of 1958 (as a Captain) and 1969 (as a Major & Lt Col). He didn't want to be part of yet another martial law and decided to make use of the option pending with him on his earlier request for pre-mature retirement, to proceed on Leave Pending Retirement (LPR) from the date of his availing it. He called the Military Secretary at the GHQ – Major General Khalid Mahmood Arif – his 1947-48 class fellow of Edwardes College Peshawar, to inform him of his proceeding on the LPR. "Pagal mat bano" , was the friendly advice from the general to which he had retorted, "Pagal mein nahi, pagal aap log hein keh ek aur martial law laga rahey ho".

Col. Riaz Jafri - almost penniless and with a monthly pension of Rs. 1,600/- only turned a new leaf of his life to keep not only his own soul and body together but that of his wife and five college and school going children also. Being a Signaler he knew only about the radios and the communication equipment and tried his hand on them. God was immensely kind and soon the lady luck smiled on him. He was awarded an order for the local production of the first ever indigenous manpack wireless set for the army.

Colonel Jafri was well known in the army for his uprightness and rather too independent a nature, He was much ill at ease to play a second fiddle and surprisingly got away most of the time with it even in the army where a senior was always a senior howsoever incompetent he might be. The same independent and at times even seemingly strange thinking is reflected in his writings too, which he, as he says, dabbles into only to find some respite and as an escape from his business activities.

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Reader Comments




05 July, 2005

Double Standards

Mr Riaz Jafri... May i know the reason why pakistan is aquiring F-16's from USA?


United Arab Emirates

05 July, 2005

indian defence

col riaz,india is attacked by both china and pakistan more than 4 times. that is the truth,being a military officer yorself know that is the truth.we have a responsiblity to protect our kasmiri muslim brothers and sisters form militants.we are protecting 160 million our muslim brothers and sisters all over india for 58 years.they are proud to be indians. we do not need any advise. piease advise your govt:to behave.


United Arab Emirates

06 July, 2005

Pakistan shall respond

Whilst I understand the aspirations the Indians hold to become a major global power. When that comes at the cost of regional peace, then there really isn't anything Pakistan can do, other than to increase defence expenditure until minimum credible deterence is achieved. This really should be a wake up call to all those peaceniks (especially in Pakistan) that a 'leapard may change its spots but it will always remain a hunter'. For those of you of Indian despora who didn't quiete understand, it means that you have never accepted Pakistan as a nation state. Indeed many of your politicians hark on about 'akand bharat' (united india). This is ultimately the reason for the trust deficit. So any attempt at becoming a rising regional power, is seen through the prism as at the cost of regional peace. Sort out the Kashmir mess with genuine vigour. You will see automatic dividends. I'm afraid until then, Pakistan will respond in kind. It will enhance its defence needs. This may take some vital development expenditure, but its citizens do understand that its not Pakistan who continues to make the region unstable. Remember no missile defence system can guarantee a 100% security, impossible when the adversary is right next door. People (of Pakistan and India) should not be under any false sense of security. As long as the trust deficit exists, any moves in defence will be seen with suspicion and any appropriate response not too distant in the future. Tony, PS. The maggot from the UK, need not respond. Clearly, hasn't yet shed his dipers.

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