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Asif Ezdi

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The writer is a former member of the Pakistan Foreign Service.

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20 April, 2010


please don't ask us to start the composite dialogue. that is good for us also. we can start some low intensity regular war. right dear. whos firing first.

Sunil Sinha

United Kingdom

20 April, 2010

Laughable article

The entire article is nothing more than laughable, about Pakistan's nuclear in safe hands and India's nuclear under the radar of terrorism and trafficking which is in fact vice verse. Bin Laden and his Hench men are in the terrains of Pakistan and Afghanistan border who are desperate for dirty bomb and many of Pakistani nuclear scientists have met them. Pakistan right now is a face with two sided coins, to the world, an innocent face but bitter truth face is proliferation to other Islamic nations, though started from Iran, later Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, then Lebanon the arch enemies of Israel.

S Bhatti

United Kingdom

23 January, 2012

Double standard of Mr Itzaz

I completely agree with the story above. One thing we all should accept that this case has shown the real faces of some leading people in Pakistan. In this case where the whole country is stand still, Suprem court has share the blame as well. why cannot they speed up the process? Why are they giving such a long dates for thes important cases. I remember in London riots the courts and whole legal system was up and running 24 hours to deal with cases why not suprem court of Pakistan do the hearing on continues basis and give their verdict? these are not small cases of a small theft in session courts. These are very seriouse cases which has very seriouse implications for Pakistan as a country as well as for the people of Pakistan as a nation. If at this stage Supreme court does not uphold the law of the land and bring these culprits to justice then Nation will never forgive these people who are sitting in the highest court of the country but not looking after the country.

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