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Anwaar Hussain

PakTribune Columnist

Anwaar Hussain is an ex-F-16 fighter pilot from Pakistan Air Force. A Masters in Defense and Strategic Studies from Quaid-e-Azam University of Islamabad. He now resides in Canada. He started writing as a hobby some years back and has, since then, published a series of articles in The Pakistan Tribune, The Baltimore Chronicle, Defense Journal and a host of other prestigious publications and web portals. Other than international affairs, Anwaar Hussain has written extensively on religious and political issues that plague Pakistan. The reason for taking up the pen, in his own words, is, "For years I had been watching lies being peddled as truths in the name of God, king or country. I always felt that truth needed no crutches for it has neither a religion nor a nationality. It owes its loyalty only to its own unadulterated self. May the truth be our companion." Anwaar regularly updates his website "Truth Spring" and can be reached at

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Reader Comments



United Arab Emirates

06 November, 2006

Polls, polls, polls....mean nothing.

Seriously Anwaar. Just put on a scarf and start yelling 'Death to America' and 'Death to the West'. I can go to a poor, black neighborhood and ask 'Do you like Arabs'. Then I can say 'out of 1000 surveyed in England, 75% do not like Arabs'. I can then go to an Arab neighborhood and say '100% like Arabs'. Who cares?? We know polls are designed for a certain answer. George Bush did not 'poll' high in 2004 but easily won 31 states to Kerry's 19...was not even close. So your polls are biased according to the answer you are looking to get. We also know political correctness is running crazy. Half the world wouldn't fight for ANY cause these days. Yes, and to your delight it will come back to bite the West for being to concerned over people's feelings.



08 November, 2006

Chew your heart out Ryan

Chew your heart out Ryan, the Americans have heard the world's chant just as Anwaar had wanted. You fear mongers are in the dumps.


United Kingdom

09 November, 2006

Mark Foley and other things.

Anwaar has no idea the internal reasons that had more to do with this defeat than Iraq. It was Bush's own base that abandoned him because they were against how he was dealing with issues such as immigration, our trade policies, and irresponsible government spending. Sure, Iraq played a role but only to the extent that people were tired of the weak prosecution of the war under Rumsfeld. They want to see a more agressive approach. Also what you did see this year was a terrible scandal with a Republican (Mark Foley) turning out to be a Homosexual who was soliciting youth. That more than anything turned people against Republicans this year.

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