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Amjad Malik

PakTribune Columnist

Amjad Malik is a life member of Supreme Court Bar Association and & a Solicitor-Advocate of the Supreme Court - UK

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Reader Comments


uzair usman

United Arab Emirates

01 March, 2007


Though it is true that pakistan's poor are in very bad conditions, such articles about our governing elite ignoring them have been written since the country's independence and is nothing new. Firstly, this article is nothing new its the same old thing. Secondly, i dont think pakistan is ignoring them. If you have studied economics, and other social sciences, it is obviously not in pakistan's capacity to support them. And its not just pakistan, yesterday on cnn it was repported that there are nearly 600,000 homeless people in USA living on streets...why? well because america's development scheme is a pure capitalisim, and thats how their country drives, on the other hand europe is more of a welfare state. PAkistan's government has treid to attarct foriegn investments and increased services, this is the development strategy which was used in Ireland, is being used in Wales, China, India, eastern europe etc. The government needs to fund these projects, if they spend all money on poor and homeless, itt might seem very good for now, but would be devastating for the whole economy in the future. The fact that is person is in such a bad condidton, could not be ignored, but...there is only so much a country with only $12 billion approx could do. Again, i say its easy to critse, but look at the bigger picture, if not today we are working for the future of pakistan, and such things wont end anytime soon. Look at relatively richer countries such as malaysia, thailand, UAE, saudia, USA, Brazil, Turkey etc, all these countries are far ahead of us, , but still have these problems. It will take time...but things will improve...i just wonder what the author of this article would do to help such people...i wonder...



01 March, 2007


What an incredibly insensitive article. Of all the articles I have read, this by far classifies as the worst case scenrio where a crime is used to facilitate a political agenda. I would advise the author start making a change by getting rid of the corruption, and derailment from his article. U don't sell your children if u can't provide for their upbrining, u give them up for adoption. I am so peeved that the author without concious is justifiying ignorance and crime.


United Kingdom

01 March, 2007

The only solution!

I commend writer on opening up a debate on such a vital fact.Unfortunately In Pakistan the ruling community(Army,Civil service,and landlords) have constantly and cleverly worked to make sure that the corruption continues so the crimes and thus the life of ordinary citizen remain difficult.This allows them to have more control on the citizens of then nation.Unfortunately this is what the superpowers do in smaller countries.,to keep control on the leadership so with little pressure leadership of the country gives in.See it in context of 9-11 or what ever, this is the goal.But in Pakistan the leadership that are still being trained in British established academies and so had the psyche of rulers treat their citizens like unwanted unitelliigent problematic second class citizens.Forget about examples of Islamic leaders of the past.,these fall on the deaf ears because the present leadership says but in actuality does not even believe in God because this belief does not reflect into their life.This is the very reason that not only Army leadership immediately gave in to American threat but was supported by a big segment of Pujabi population and certainly army,beaurocrats and land lords were all for it. How we can change the present status qou as worries Mr.Yatu in this newspaper is to awaken the Pakistani masses to the need of establishing "merit" in every walk of life,wether in education or jobs,hiring or firing.Towards this end we should not bring our sects,region or educational status or economic status etcetc.System should be made to implement such a system.This will also mean to demand the change of laws in different departments whcih were made by British for their benefit but are maintained even today either due to lack of intelligence or lack of patriotism of the ruling class.Yes there will be opposition by anti Pakistani elements in the Pakistan and outside the Pakistan.But a constant work towards awareness is necessary.,through ads in newspapers,magazines etc.A thinktank needs to be made to work for this goal and should include dedicated and educated people. As for as army is concerned their opposition will be maximum because only throuhg martial laws they could have implemented merit,but they didn't on the contrary they promoted corruption.For their today Army has sacrificed the tommorow of the nation.

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