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Ahmer Muzammil

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Ahmer Muzammil writes on current affairs.

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United Kingdom

21 May, 2005

Education points the way?

Mr. Muzammil's article was most interesting. However, I cannot agree with him regarding his use of the word "Genocide" when he speaks of Mr. Blair's part in one. A part Mr. Blair shares with the U.S., though it remains unwritten. As usual, this particular writer along with so many others, ignores the fact that Saddam Hussein has killed millions in his time. The man was a monster. Wouldn't genocide be more applicable to him and his murderous regime? After all, the U.S. gave Mr. Hussein more than enough time to comply with myriad UN resolutions. Why did he not blink with vast military might clearly standing before him? A question the UN might answer one day as we dig ever deeper into allegations of corruption in their regard. Also, I don't think Marie Antoinette ever said "let them eat cake." She may have thought it, but she was much too well bred a lady to say it outloud. What are you suggesting, Mr. Muzammil?Marxism? Communism? The poor rising up to take and redistribute the wealth of Pakistan? What of the people who have worked hard and long for their prosperity? Who have earned what they have? Or did you mean a rising up against the schools not fulfillng their purpose?The Madrassas? Did you mean a rising up against a goverment not serving its people?I hope this is what you meant when you spoke of "some kind of uprising." If so, perhaps you are then calling for courageous leaders. Leaders who, in my humble opinion, Pakistan desperately needs. We all, of course, have seen the recent uprisings related to the Newsweek article pointing to the desecration of the Holy Quran. Inadequately sourced and untrue. Product of a leftist/liberal media gone wild in an attempt to embarrass Mr. Bush. Could we now move on? Could we now see beautiful Pakistan's people turn their critical eyes away from the distraction of America at this important time in its history? Isn't it more important to look to your own government? To direct your questions to them? To find a way to influence your schools who feed your children's bodies while forcing their mind to grow obese with hatred? I do understand the parents who send their children there. Quite simply, the children must be fed. So, how go about changing them? An unanswerable question? Could you gather together? Sign petitions? Carry signs? There has to be a way. Please, people of Pakistan, before your next generation of children are lost to bigotry and hate, do something. Education, could be the answer. Teach a child to hate and you have a deadly concoction brewing. We all know that. At least we should. I would like to commend the PakTribune for publishing Mr. Muzammil's article. In spite of my, perhaps, uninformed and unwelcome criticisms,may we see more articles like this one. Herein lies the hope. In this American's opinion. Please forgive the intrusion. It's simply that I care.


United Arab Emirates

18 June, 2005

well mr. ahmer.... you have ride the two boats at same time ..... I will not counter your arguments as you yourself know where you stand and where we (INDIANS) stand at this time.... well to one issue about human right violations... pls stop writing false stories of H.R.V in kashmir...I have heard that a true muslim never speaks false....but it is to my embarrasement that i find time and again heard these statements from people like you... well you yourself knows that almost all the people of kahmir are killed at the hands of terrorist(some for personal feuds and other for helping india army)...and you people project this as a JIHAD.... well can you cite me any incidence in past where indian army has done any wrong.. cant... and for your info...Indian army is running a lot of welfare houses in the valley for the children who gets orpahned at the hands of terrorists and well thanxs for writing about india, as it is an eye-pener for all of us....


United Kingdom

18 June, 2005

Cleaning up the house

Dear Mr. Ahmer, Why the muslim population asks for freedom, rights, and power only from non-muslim countries and govts? Why cant 'YOU' ask for the same from Arab countries, Pakistan etc? How many of muslim countries in the world respect the rights of other nationals/people-from-other-religions? WHY? Dont you think there might be some inherent fault in the basic philosophy of this humanity? Why couldnt all muslim nations ask Taleban to treat their own countrymen with more respect? How can you respect others when you cant respect the rights of your own women? How could nearly 100million muslims live (you may not agree that they are happy)live in India for 50+ years even after they asked for a seperate country just because they cannot live with Hindus? On what basis a Hindu (again, you may not agree with their philosophy) nation agree the presence of 100 million muslims after taking more than 30% of their land? What all these Hindus were (are) thinking? Why they are allowing it? why cant Pakistan and Bangladesh allow the Hindus equal rights????

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