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US making Al-Qaeda presence in Pakistan to target it

07 February, 2011

By Asif Haroon Raja

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In his last address to State of Union in USA, Obama appeared to be in an upbeat mood. He started his talk by giving an optimistic picture of Afghanistan saying that Al-Qaeda`s presence in Afghanistan and border belt of Pak-Afghan border has significantly shrunk; for the first time it is under tremendous pressure; its members and leaders are on the run. He glowered that we have given a clear cut message to al-Qaeda network spread from Pak-Afghan border up till Iraq that we will not accept defeat and will destroy their entire network the world over. He commended the efforts of US-NATO as well as Pakistan but added that coming days will witness intense fighting. He further said that nukes should never be allowed to fall in the hands of terrorists. He cautioned North Korea and Iran to refrain from nuclear activities otherwise it could lead to drastic consequences.

Reading between the lines, Obama on one hand lavishly praised the efforts of Pakistan but at the same time he reiterated the old unsubstantiated allegation of Al-Qaeda`s presence in Pakistan and stressed upon Pakistan to play its due role in helping to end the war on terror. It amounted to giving strength to Indo-US propaganda campaign of projecting Pakistan as the hub centre of terrorism. His reference to nukes was also aimed at Pakistan`s nuclear program which the US has all along vied to take it under its control.

Taking note of Obama`s conjecture of al-Qaeda`s presence in Pakistan, our Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir hastened to remind him in his press briefing that Pakistan had neither invited Al-Qaeda`s leadership to Pakistan nor there is any proof of their presence in Pakistan.

Osama led Al-Qaeda which was accused of masterminding attacks on World Trade Centre (WTC) in New York and Pentagon in Washington on 9/11 was the creation of CIA. It was used by CIA throughout the Afghan Jihad against Soviet forces and projected as holy warriors. The UN member Richard Folk has blown the story of 9/11 to pieces by declaring that it was an in-house drama stage-managed to undermine Islam and pulverize Muslim Ummah. According to him, 9/11 was the sole creation of Bush led government and despite knowing the facts the US officials are keeping them under wraps. He revealed that after the incident, there were glaring contradictions in the official statements made but in an attempt to hide the truth the stated inconsistencies have been deliberately overlooked.

While there is no denying the fact that about 3000 US citizens died in the air attacks, but it is most intriguing that only three Jews were among the dead. The US intelligence agencies have confirmed that 4000 Jews worked in WTC and Pentagon. They all had closed their businesses and whisked away a little before the incident. Larry Sylvester Ă¢â‚¬â€œ a Jewish American businessman had obtained 99 years lease on WTC on 24 July 2001. He was absent on the day of occurrence which was unusual since he punctually attended morning meetings. His two off springs also went missing. Larry secured over $4.5 billion in insurance for the destroyed tower.

International team of scientists who studied dust samples produced by twin towers for 18 months reported presence of nano-thermite in the dust. Physicist Steven Jones produced overwhelming evidence that buildings had not plummeted as a result of impact of crashing aircraft but explosives were used to bring down 110-storey buildings and 47-storey steel skyscraper. Richard is among many who have started to unknot the Zionist plot to persecute the Muslim world under the label of terrorism.

How can anyone forget the way 9/11 was sensationalized by Jewish-US-western media out of all proportions and made into the biggest catastrophe ever happened in human history. Emotions of American people were raised to such levels that they all consented to George W Bush`s plan to invade Afghanistan. After the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, Bush gave a new direction to war on terror by declaring it as a crusade. He haughtily stated that the crusade would continue till complete elimination of global terrorism. It was this concept of crusade that the war is continuing relentlessly and has now entered Pakistan in a big way and Iran is also being targeted. Afghanistan was attacked on the basis of presence of al-Qaeda. Obama is religiously pursuing his predecessor`s policies and seems to make al-Qaeda`s presence in Pakistan as a justification to target it. The US is already at war with Pakistan in many ways.

In the light of revelations made by Richard, the UN is morally bounded to investigate 9/11 independently and come out with real facts rather than homing on towards Pakistan under fictitious charges. If it is proven that 9/11 was America inspired, then what happens to America`s brutal and illegal actions of toppling elected regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq and implanting puppet regimes and with their ready cooperation massive destruction of these countries and massacre of two million people all under the false slogan of war against terrorists? Gen Musharraf was also made partner in this gory game and Pakistan declared as the frontline state.

Pakistan was coerced to launch operations against our own people in the tribal belt and thus pitched Muslims against Muslims belonging to one country. Both have been drawing blood of each other for the last nine years without a respite. As if this bloodshed was not enough, CIA is raining hellfire missiles in Waziristan relentlessly shredding innocent people in hundreds.  In reaction, the security and common citizens are being targeted by suicide attackers. As a consequence, economy of Pakistan has reached the brink of collapse. Pakistan`s integrity and sovereignty as an independent state is faced with extremely grim security situation. What justification the US will have for the devastation it wrought on the three countries merely to accomplish its devious agenda.

If the havoc was wreaked on this region primarily in reaction to 9/11 incident, which according to UN member Richard was American manipulated, then the UN should hold the US responsible for the mayhem and make it pay the penalty and make it liable to punishment for crimes against humanity. It has now been amply exposed by WikiLeaks that the US in pursuit of its objectives indulges in terrorism and also promotes terrorism. It is strange that even after ruining this region ruthlessly, Obama is still talking of intensification of war in Afghanistan in coming days. It speaks of Indo-US-Israeli dangerous designs in the region and their pathological obsession to achieve their hidden objectives at all cost. Revenge of deaths of 3000 US citizens in New York over ten years ago has been taken by slaughtering millions of Muslims that had nothing to do with 9/11 and their thirst for revenge has yet not quenched.

In the given set of circumstances when our economy is near demise, political situation is highly unstable, law and order is poor and internal and external security situation has assumed dangerous proportions, isn`t it high time that our leaders should get out of their self serving mode and start thinking of Pakistan`s interests. Should they not be taking serious note of unrelenting spate of drone attacks, anti-Pakistan propaganda and evil designs of USA and its strategic partners? Isn`t the US purposely strengthening India`s military conventional and nuclear capability and systematically weakening Pakistan to enable the former to overawe Pakistan? Isn`t the US nuclear policy highly discriminatory? Isn`t Obama callously pressing Pakistan to give more sacrifices and is preparing grounds to dispatch US-NATO forces into Pakistan under the pretext of eliminating Al-Qaeda`s sanctuaries in NW and Afghan Shura in Balochistan?

33000 Pakistanis have died in the senseless war and thousands maimed for life. Pakistan`s economic loss has crossed $60 billion mark. The war has polarized the society and talk of revolution is in the air. It is said that Pakistan`s internal situation is much worse than Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Algeria and Jordan and is primed for implosion. If we continue to fight US dictated war which is solely in strategic interests of USA, there will be no need for external power to wage a war and break it up but it will fragment under the weight of multiple socio-politico-economic problems.

It is good to hear Salman Bashir stating that proxy war in Afghanistan must end now since Pakistan desired peace in the region. He should have added, enough of humbug of terrorism and do more mantra and time to pack up and go.


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