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If Wishes Were Horses

01 October, 2007

By Anwaar Hussain

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If wishes were horses, most Americans would have known that Iraq and Afghanistan are just the latest victims of the colonial behemoth in a continued saga of American imperialism and not any thing else. That throughout its imperialistic expedition, Americans have firmly believed that the United States was God’s chosen nation and, therefore, on course to divine destinies. They would have known Senator Albert J. Beveridge’s speech to Congress that exemplifies this American attitude as nothing else does, “…and thanksgiving to Almighty God that He has marked us as His chosen people, henceforth to lead in the regeneration of the world…” If wishes were horses.

If wishes were horses, most Americans would have known that, consequent to this belief of American leaders, the U.S. had, even before the deployment of troops for the invasion and occupation of Iraq, around 752 military installations located in more than 130 countries with actual American military contingents stationed in 65 different foreign countries. They would have known that like all occupying powers, Americans have around 70,000 U.S. troops in Germany, 40,000 in Japan and about 37,000 in South Korea, where they have been since 1951. Add to it now around 140,000 troops (not counting the 100,000 Blackwater type mercenaries) in Iraq and another 27,000 in Afghanistan and one gets a fair inkling of American’s idea of ‘regeneration of the world’ the American way. If wishes were horses.

If wishes were horses, most Americans would have known that that is THE reason their leaders believe that they could, by divine privilege, take any land they pleased. And that the land on planet earth, not just at home, was rightfully theirs and that every one else was merely squatting on their territory. Historically, therefore, their country has come off as an obstinate nation that would take what it wanted at any cost, 9/11 or no 9/11, the world opinion be damned. They would have known that surpassing by far the brutal ventures typical of European colonizers, the U.S. has, during the past several hundred years, annihilated millions of Native Americans, conquered half of Mexico, occupied Hawaii, subjugated the Philippines and taken the whole of Iraq and Afghanistan butchering a colossal number of the indigenous populations in all these places. If wishes were horses.

If wishes were horses, most Americans would have known that not only has their country rejected a Security Council resolution calling on states to observe international law, their country itself is a leading terrorist state and has been condemned by the World Court for international terrorism (in 1986). The ‘War on Terror’, therefore, is unwinnable because America needs to then declare a war on its own self and that it won’t. If wishes were horses.

If wishes were horses, most Americans would have known that if by ‘terrorism’ only the ‘terrorism of others’ is meant then bombing the countries from where those terrorists come is not the solution to the problem but in fact a part of the problem. For if that had been the case the British would have bombed Belfast for IRA’s bombing of London and one earlier American administration would have bombed Timothy McVeigh’s home town for Oklahoma bombing. They did not. If wishes were horses.

If wishes were horses, most Americans would have known the sordid history of their country’s contemptuous attitude toward smaller countries of this planet. They would have known, for example, that back in the 80s, a tiny country by the name of Nicaragua was subjected to violent assault by their country in which tens of thousands of people died with that country itself substantially destroyed. They would have known that rather than responding by setting off bombs in Washington, a la the American way, the poor Nicaraguans went to the World Court that ordered the U.S. not only to stop the atrocities but also to pay reparations. The U.S. scornfully responded by escalating the attacks. The Nicaraguans next went to the Security Council who ruled in their favor. The U.S. derisively vetoed the resolution. The Nicaraguans then obtained a similar resolution from the General Assembly. The U.S. and Israel opposed that one for two years in a row. If wishes were horses.

If wishes were horses, most Americans would have known that the whole world is cognizant of the horrible injustice to the Palestinians and America’s blind allegiance to the perpetrator. And that this perpetrator, their bosom buddy Israel, invaded the West Bank and Gaza 35 years ago and over the course of these 35 years Israel has killed, blinded, mutilated, crippled and disfigured thousands of men, women and children, destroyed thousands of homes, businesses, hospitals, and schools, incarcerated and tortured hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. If wishes were horses.

If wishes were horses, most Americans would have known that the world does not hate them for the values cherished by them; it rather aspires for the same. It abhors their duplicitous attitude, their hypocritical behavior and their cruel conduct on the world stage. It loathes them for their ‘freedom’ cries while sitting smugly atop massive piles of human corpses. It despises their double embrace of the dictators the world over while singing sweet ‘democracies’ to their subjects. It hates them for their ruthless killing of half a million Iraqi children and then calling the effort, “worth the price”. If wishes were horses.

If wishes were horses, most Americans would have known that over the years they have become too strong for their own good. They are all muscle and sinew now and no brains. They would have known that with the deadly, single minded purpose of a troll, they trample on through the blood and bones of their diabolical administrations’ innocent victims without hearing their cries. They would have known what their great country has come down to. They would have heard the windy, lonely, desperate last cries of the soul of America across its forlorn skies each night as it continues to crash into black nothingness;

Oh! Oh! This fiery height!

Oh, my feet of fire!

My burning feet of fire

(Algernon Blackwood, The Wendigo)

If wishes were horses.

Copyrights : Anwaar Hussain

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