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For Sale

01 March, 2007

By Amjad Malik

Poverty ridden father who could not afford the upbringing of his children put a ‘for sale’ board outside his house to sell his off spring.

I heard the news with great sympathy and contempt emanating from rural Punjab that a  poverty ridden father who could not afford the upbringing of his children put a ‘for sale’ board outside his house to sell his off spring. If we for a split second try to visualise the apathy with which this act may have been done, the life seems miserable and the whole nation’s condition becomes obvious with which our rulers in bullet proof cars are totally out of touch.  That’s the quagmire in which Pakistan is engulfed now a days.

Nexus of our judges with Generals have ruined the future of democracy in Pakistan. Nepotism, bribery, lawlessness, unmeritorious appointments and lack of respect of law in an unjust society has made life impossible for lay Pakistanis who are looking towards a ‘messiah’  for their salvation. President Musharraf who apparently came for their rescue have bitterly failed in their salvation and could not bring about true democracy and rule of law. His 7 points objective statement itself has become a laughingstock as the scandals have wiped the resolutions as virus. His referendum & 2002 elections are an epitome of his claims to hold fair elections in future and his reluctance to appear before Parliament shows his trust on his own hand picked. Though at the end of 5ht year of Parliament his Ministers are still training their fellow graduate members of Parliament how to behave when and if President ever gives the honour to address them.

Government which has land mafia, sugar and cement crisis, oil price hike, Steel Mill Judgement, continuous stock exchange crash(es), Nabbed’ ministers and Bajaur and Dama Dola killings in their baggage has hardly come to grip with the real problems. Alas democracy & political promotion has never gone that low in Pakistan’s history, that’s the ingenuity of the current day political landscape where even one person can affect the whole system any day, and could be any time.

In order to continue this trail of unlawful rule, judiciary has weakened further and Chief Justice was made to go home without reason. Ordering oath under PCO hit the nail aright and judiciary lost its teeth as an institution. Rulers claim  of accountability & cheaper justice at the door step of common man was made to sacrifice at the alter of personal gains. Now it is the face saving exercise at both ends. This nexus of Judges and Generals have ruined the fate of  a nation which is strong in character and rich in culture, their faith untarnished and their history to be proud of. A nation who had heritage of Imam Hussain’s sacrifice & a lesson of not to bow before a tyrant leader and justice of Umar Ben Khatab who would ensure that even a dog does not sleep hungry on the bank of the river of Farat whilst he is caliph. With this heritage and history our citizens are selling their kids, dying of hunger, unemployment, lawlessness and killings of thousands of our countrymen and we are acting as bye standards  then either we are fools ourselves of ignoring the true situation or some one else is fooling the nation with their claim to have earned billions in their so called ‘War of Terror’. On the name of enlightened moderation, we participated in someone else’s war and became  a direct victim of reprisals. Our soldiers are dying of counter attacks as witnessed in ‘Dargai’ which is rare in Pakistan’s history at or around Durand line. Our rulers put ‘for sale’ label on our professional army and made them to kill our own in tribal areas, the army who had the potential of not only defending our country well but can nail if any tyrant ruler attacks it in any given situation. It is now killing its own tribal(s) who were considered a backbone of Pakistan as was once said by the founder of Pakistan. We neither learnt from Afghan War nor we are sick of one way affair with United States and gave in on one phone call what nations gather in their whole life time. Self respect in fear of reprisals. That poor man whilst selling his kids did not realise that selling kids may not be that offensive however selling self respect and nation’s honour may be a crime which could never be forgiven by the martyrs of this rich nation and the architect of the country ‘Pakistan’.

Pakistan was made to allow the millions of Muslims of sub continent who pact with its founder to live with ease and freedom and give a signal of a strong nation in character and modern in outlook to learn technology and compete with his neighbours and live freely. Lawlessness where their own Ministers are not safe, Judges are struck whilst hearing court cases, and day to day law an order situation gives a bleak picture of our civil government agencies control. Whilst all this is happening in real, our chief is busy taking actions suo moto against ‘kite flying’ and nation is being traumatised by initiating a debate to legalise ‘alcohol’ and ‘Women protection Bill.’ Women have always been well protected by the constitution and Islamic Injunctions however practical difficulties and unbridled police powers who always work in conjunction and backing of local politicians have forced the gang rape victims to come on television and cry for help. That’s the true picture of rule of law in General Musharaf’s Pakistan.

Nation is demanding justice, justice and justice alone. This nexus of Generals and Judges must be broken & buried forever and it is not acceptable where our judiciary is a silent spectator on the most crucial questions of conflict with our constitution and their decisions are required in time to avoid a further deadlock. Their rulings on Article 6 and its scope, COAS to be a President, Independent election Commissioner, Care taker set up, and disqualification of the corrupt and qualifications of popular amongst the masses will pave the way towards true democracy. We always take pride to compete with India in words, its time that our judiciary compete with them in action(s). Their judges are neither angels nor were brought out of country, but still are playing the role of a referee independently, freely, without fear of PCO and all the authorities respect it.

Political class need to unite to demand fair elections in Pakistan and must continue up right struggle for free and fair elections under impartial care taker set up, ideally under judges. That one demand and struggle can keep the nation away from yet an other disaster and believe you me, we are very poor in learning lessons from our short history.

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