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Delhi is Safe: Operation `Come Out and Play` Compromised

29 September, 2010

By Sohail Parwaz

Apparently the preparations for forthcoming Common Wealth Games are at full swing in India. These games which are rated as the second biggest games after the Olympics are planned to be conducted from October 3, 2010 to October 14, 2010. The opening and closing ceremonies will take place at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Delhi having the capacity of 75,000 spectators after renovation for the games, while 17 major types of sporting events including athletics, swimming, gymnastic, hockey, cycling, boxing etc will go on at more or less 26 other old and newly constructed stadiums at and around Delhi. Some of the major stadiums are Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi, Dhavan Chand National Stadium, Dhyan Chand Stadium, Indra Gandhi Stadium, Siri Fort Sports Complex, Yumuna Sports Complex, CRPF shooting Range and many other arenas at and around Delhi. Indians are expecting about 4200 sportsmen and athletes from 52 member countries to participate the games. Besides this about 2.69 million tourists are expected by the Indian government to witness these games; however the present accommodation in the shape of hotels and guest houses etc available in and around Delhi is not sufficient to accommodate such a large number of the audience.

If we analyse it honestly the actual worry for the Indian authorities should have been the security and not the accommodation and management of the games because there are scores of ministries and other departments which are accustomed and meant for these responsibilities whereas the security factor is an emerging global concern for any nation who is keen to own a vital responsibility i.e. arranging of gigantic event like Common Wealth Games. However the Indian suspicious approach towards the issue has now started upsetting the participating nations who have shown their lost sleep for the issue. Indians have vowed to make this Games Green whereas the much important requirement is to ensure the event as ‘White Games’ (peaceful games).

The Indian mysterious attitude is worrisome for its most important neighbour Pakistan also, who fears that as always the Indians would get some ‘Blame’ out of their ‘Bags’ forcing Pakistan to go on a back foot. At least a four decades old history suggests so. If we look back at the Indo-Pak relations or at the internal political restlessness of India we would know that whenever the Indians are in some fix or crisis sort of situation or if they have some adventure against Pakistan, atop their ‘Things to Do List’, they would plan and stage some gory show not only to malign and defame Pakistan but to create problems for the latter, too.

The unpleasant memories of 1971 are still fresh in many minds. Don’t we remember the hijacking of ‘Ganga’ Fokker, an Indian passenger airliner, on February 2, 1971, months before the ‘Operation Separate East Pakistan’, an unethical military conquering campaign which made the eastern wing inapproachable to the West Pakistan? Do we not even remember those famous two hijackings of August 1982 with a merely 16 days interval and then yet another hijacking on July 5, 1985 by so-called Khalistan Movement’s militants? It’s an open secret now that those hijackings were planned and propagated as an excuse for heartless and horrific ‘Operation Blue Star’ at Golden Temple? Then there was yet another hijacking of an Airbus on December 24, 1994. On the eve of Christmas, Flight 189, an Airbus A300 on a scheduled flight from Kathmandu, Nepal to New Delhi, India was dramatically hijacked. Though the identity of the hijackers was never disclosed, however CNN had described them as Hindi speaking. The plane had refueled in Lahore, Pakistan before heading forAfghanistan. As the drama was scripted the hijackers demanded the release of their friends in the Indian jails and later some of them were released as well to confirm their story that; those who were in the Indian jails were not innocent but the terrorists and Pakistan was all along at their back to support them. Keeping aside the hijackings for a while, lets take a look at the ground shows played by the Indians at different times.

That includes the most controversial terrorist attack on Indian Parliament on 13 December 2001, Mumbai train blast on 11 July 2006, Malegaon blasts on 8 September 2006, Samjhota Express Train blasts on 19 February 2007, Hyderabad Mecca Masjid blast on 18 May 2007, Ajmer Sharif Dargah blast on 11 October 2007, serial blasts in Utter Pradesh courts on 23 November 2007, Jaipur blasts on 13 May 2008, Ahmedabad blast on 26 July 2008, Malegaon blasts on 8 September 2008, Delhi blasts on 13 September 2008 and Mumbai carnage on 26 November 2009. Majority of victims of all those acts of terror were Indian Muslims. In case of Samjhota Express, most victims were Pakistanis, returning to Lahore. Suicide attack on Indian Embassy in Kabul in July 2008 was also put on the doorstep of Pakistan.

Indian leaders fully know how to go about spreading doubts, suspicions and misgivings among target audiences. Their leaders and psychological operators disregard morals and ethics, go for fabrication without a second thought and convert truth into half truths to achieve ulterior motives. Indian propaganda machinery has been consistently accusing Pakistan of all acts of terror in India. Mahrashtara anti-terror squad Chief Hemant Karkare bumped across hard evidence of involvement of Hindu terrorist groups linked with certain Indian army officers. But how Karkare was eliminated from the scene is no more a secret. November 2008 Mumbai carnage is still shrouded by mysteries and doubts. Indian motives behind the Mumbai drama are now, talk of the town. Taking Pakistanfor granted they had a long to go for the surgical strikes at the places of their interest but Pakistan’s firm and rude stand took the wind out of the Indian balloon.

The coming Common Wealth Games appears to be in jeopardy. Very few people know that allegedly the desperate desire of the Indians to conduct these games was for a sheer lethal and dangerous diabolic plot to malign Pakistan and involve the latter in yet another blood-spattered Mumbai incident like tragedy. Ostensibly, the Indians had all set to execute the plot. According to what is being said the code name "Come out and play" given to this drama is actually the slogan of the Games and it was purposely selected to avoid any suspicion and to ensure secrecy of the Plan.

According to the plan the opening ceremony of the Games at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium was the time to carryout a number of explosions followed by a heavy shootout in the middle of the arena to kill as many athletes, sportsmen and the audience as possible, without any discrimination. By all accounts the Indian planners were even willing to sacrifice a few hundred of their own nationals. This havoc was to be pursued by scattered attacks on the hotels and guestrooms where the foreign athletes and sportsmen were to put up.

As a matter of fact the Indians were fully prepared to stage 10/3 a disaster more or less like 9/11. As it was planned that soon after the ignominy Pakistan and its intelligence agencies were to be bluntly blamed for abetting and aiding some organization and or the terrorists. A dozen of the Kashmiris and Pakistanis currently getting rotten in the Indian jails were to be killed during this massacre and their dead bodies were to be presented before the international media as the Pakistani terrorists.

Everyone knows the outcome of it. The world body was to converge upon Pakistan with immense pressure and sanctions. A possible military action by the American forces aided by the much happy Indians was likely to be carried out to abandon the Pakistani nuclear sites. Unfortunately the conspiracy leaked and reached those ears that Indian authorities approached and bribed according to an Australian newspaper to win the contract for the Games and now the result is known to all and sundries.

A less known home grown militant outfit put a final stamp at the fate of the Indian Intelligence agencies’ plan when few days back a couple of attackers on a motorbike opened fire with a submachine gun on a tourist bus outside New Delhi’s Jamia Masjid injuring two male Taiwanese sightseers. This premature action appears to be carried out by some insider who desperately wanted to save the country from a bigger bloodshed and humiliation which the people at the helm of the affairs couldn’t comprehend.

Now the Commonwealth Games have virtually gone into a nose-dive after England has admitted that their participation is “on a knife-edge” while Scotland athletes have delayed their departure to Delhi and Wales set a deadline of Wednesday evening for the organisers to certify all venues and Games Village are safe. The Australian government has said it is confident India can sort out the problems in time -- but admits there are concerns about the safety of its athletes. The games have historically been dominated by England, Australia and Canada, and all three have voiced concerns about the conditions in India.

Dave Currie, the head of New Zealand’s Commonwealth Games team, has rated the situation at the Village as “pretty grim”. At individual level the athletes of the international repute and others are dropping out of Delhi Games like flies as they are left with no other choice. The participating countries are collecting the facts and figures about the alleged terrorist plot and if it is confirmed then the key countries are likely to opt out of the Games which will certainly bring shame, humiliation, embarrassment and ‘frustration’ to the Indians for not achieving any ‘Goal’ despite wasting the billions of dollars besides paying about ten million dollars as bribe to the authorities of a number of countries. Ironically, there will be no guests and no games.


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