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Tips for Choosing a Good Rugby Team to Support

18 September, 2019

Rugby is a very popular game that is played internationally.

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Scores of fans cram into pubs or tune in at home on the TV to watch their favorite clubs compete in brutal games. But, the sport can be even more exciting than that, for the uninitiated. 

How can you take your fandom to the next level, you may ask? It’s simple enough for one to turn on the TV and watch your favourite teams play. However, if you want to go beyond that, you would have to know more about the rules of the game. The game is a bit complicated in terms of rules and guidelines. Here are some tips on how you can get further enjoyment from the game:

Do a Lot of Research

To enjoy each match, you need a clear understanding of the sport and the history, ranking, and stats of each of the teams. Research various teams and find out how they have performed over time. For example, if you find out that a team has never lost a match, that kind of knowledge is valuable and should inform your thinking. If they’ve traded a valuable player, that’s important for you to know, too.

Research is a worthwhile investment that doesn’t take much time. While researching well-established teams, also look up the rising stars of the sport.

Also, research the platforms where you’d like to watch your matches. There are a lot of scam companies out there. One of the best sports entertainment platforms on the market is Sbobet because of the program’s ease-of-use and security protocols.

Know the Key Players

Knowing your favorite teams is important. However, you shouldn’t just know what the team is and its history. You should also know what the dynamic of the team is, who the best players are, and how each player performs individually.

Since rugby players sustain injuries quite often, you should try and gather as much information as you can about injuries that players on that team have sustained in the past and in recent times. One injury can completely end someone’s season.

Every team has players who are stronger than some of the other team members. You should try to find those key players in both teams that play a match. That way, you know the statistics of both sides.

Don’t Always Look at the Favorite

Just because a team is the crowd’s favorite doesn’t mean they are going to win. Even though the likelihood of the favorite winning is higher, you shouldn’t only pay attention to that when enjoying the game. Chances are, one of the other players may surprise you.

This aligns with the previous point about understanding the dynamics of the players. Gather as much information as you can about the team, so you can make an educated decision on who you support. Not only should you consider the dynamic of the team, but also how that dynamic might mesh with the team they’re playing against.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t support the crowd’s favorite. It’s just a reminder that you should do your own research instead of letting someone else decide for you.


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