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Memorable World Cup Moments

04 May, 2020

The world cup is the largest and most celebrated international soccer tournament. This soccer tournament draws in a lot of viewers than any other Olympic game which makes it special.

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After every 4 years` soccer fans will be expecting this tournament. But we cannot hide the fact that a lot of drama, scandal, action and more takes place in the field. More and more keeps happening but some events are just unforgettable. If you are keen to find out, then read on and find out the most unforgettable World Cup moments.

Brazil Vs Italy Final 1994

When the two countries faced each other in the world cup final, the game finished scoreless. For the first time in history, a penalty shootout had to take place to determine the winner.  The whole world paused anxiously waiting for Roberto Baggio who was an Italian striker to make the country proud. Unfortunately, he missed the opportunity as he whizzed the ball over the crossbar making Brazil the winner of the trophy. If online sports betting and casinos online existed, online casinos like best united states casinos were going to offer better odds.

Netherlands Vs Argentina 1998

Fans witnessed what is known as the victory goal in 1998. It was a World Cup quarter-final match between Netherlands and Argentina. After a long game, the game was about to end with a 1-1 score. This is when Dennis Bergkamp made a victory goal kicking the ball past Argentina`s goalkeeper Carlos Roa. This was seconds before the game was over. This goal made Holland winners with the fans jumping all over with joy whilst Argentines were broken-hearted to lose the match in the final moments.

Italy Vs Brazil 1982

12 years earlier before the 1994 match, Brazil and Italy faced off in the 1982 World Cup match. The Brazilians were expected to win the game which did not happen as people expected. With a 2-2 scoreline, Italy wanted a goal so bad so that they could defeat Brazilians. Accordin to some pokies online sites, that Paolo Rossi made a winning goal with what is known as the hat-trick. This made Brazil losers whilst Italy was on its way to the World Cup glory.


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