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Luck – Guess… That’s How Indian Premier Leagues Takes Start

08 April, 2019

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity and comes right to the people, who bet with calculations on Indian Premier League.

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Rounded off with sensation, glimpses, cheers and a pile of money, IPL being the most anticipated game brings a lot of opportunities for everyone. 

There are hopes, enthusiasm, and as well as disparity associated to it. At one end some of the champs might be making money, while others are losing at same times.

How Data Analysis Is Made and How To Apply For It

“Opportunity knocks once at your door” is an old saying. Now it knocks yearly in the form of IPL. Wondering why do we say so? That is because the recurrence of IPL every year makes it possible for you to bet with different sites such as betway, but the question is how do you make analysis?

You Can Make Analysis from the Past Data Using Following Techniques

 Guess Work

Call it 6h sense, luck or a hit and trial method, first and foremost is the general guess work. Around 68% of the cricket fans are actually walking over the crunches of their guess work. This kind of technique involves no permutation, no scientific approach. All it depends is to see M.S. Dhoni strike a 6 or believe as the bowler running towards the wicket and knocking it off within the next 3 balls.

Guess work is all about luck and in some cases, it plays a vital role. While for many it proves not to be good. 

Calculations Based on Permutation

Data-driven scientific approach which is actually used by many gamblers as well as betting players is calculation based on permutation. Under this method they take many things into consideration. Ranging from their strike rate to the pitch condition and even their previous match analysis based on the date, data and everything else.


There are thousands of analysts out there, with one of the most recognised in the cricket world being Dan Weston.


There are different ways under which permutation is carried. Some people will do it using regular tools, tailor made for this purpose. However, some will do it manually, using a pen and paper.


Calculations Made on The Team Performance and Match Winning Sites


Scores, strike rates and average rates aren’t the only things counting. In some scenarios, all in all winning streaks of the matches and the team combinations are also what compels players to bet on a particular team. As an example, take a look at M.S. Dhoni’s Chennai Super King, who’s been united through all thick and thins. And the captaincy of Dhoni is also what makes his team as most favorite for the IPL 2019 session.

Last but Not The Least… It’s All About the Luck That Comes With the Right Calculations

Saying that this is the luck and the right calculations if mingled together can play a vital role. And if you think you got the courage then try your luck by betting on your favorite team with Betway as Betway Offers one of the best and sensational platforms to execute your goals.

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