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Horse tips that are worth backing

18 July, 2018

More often than not, people who are engrossed in betting focus a lot of their activity on horse racing.

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It’s easy for experienced punters to pinpoint good horse tips without even needing to do much research around the horses in question. This is the sort of skill that comes through placing bets over time and coming to terms with how both online sports betting and the sport of horse racing work.

For those with less of a knack for picking viable horse tips from thin air, there’s not all too much help on how to track down horse bets that are worth backing. No single outcome is ever certain to happen so even betting on a favourite to win their respective race at extremely short odds won’t guarantee returns, making horse betting troublesome to novices.

What does a good horse tip look like?

There are no general guidelines for the perfect horse tip but the way in which it’s chosen, backed, and posted out makes all the difference. Far too many horse racing tipsters will insist on the way they come up with their betting tips, but the same websites might still fail to deliver with what they’re saying. For transparency with bets, there are some sites that are worth keeping tabs on, like The Winners Enclosure, who provide their own horse tips, as well as help on how to come up with your own.

Primarily, the method of blindly picking horses based on one factor alone is always a dangerous way of building a bet. You need to judge a horse’s chances on the odds given to it by the bookmaker, past results, the record in a similar type of race, and all other variables that could impact it finishing first. Even things like its weight and ability to make jumps can be a damaging factor to your bet, so you need to consider all angles.

Horse racing odds

After establishing what horse you want to back and whether you want it to be placed as a single, double, treble or accumulator, you need to find the best place to back it. It’s perfectly understandable to go to the first available option, especially if you’re only signed up to one bookmaker, but if you shop around, you might find that another bookie offers a far stronger price on the selection you’re looking to back. You might not mind missing out on extra returns if your bet loses, but it can be frustrating to back a winning bet, only to find that you could have received more winnings elsewhere.

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