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Are Pakistan taking the Mickey letting Arthur go?

13 August, 2019

The Pakistan Cricket board have surprised everyone in world cricket by deciding against renewing Mickey Arthurís contract.

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The Pakistan Cricket board have surprised everyone in world cricket by deciding against renewing Mickey Arthur’s contract. From the outside looking in, it seemed like the South African was doing a good job as head coach of Pakistan but things are often not what they seem and Arthur’s dismissal looks to be another example of that. 

Still, after winning the ICC Champions Trophy in England in 2017, it felt like Arthur had definitely earned himself a second term as the Pakistan coach after the men in green had never before won the tournament. It was an incredible feat and one that suggested that Pakistan would be serious contenders for the upcoming World Cup, 24 months later and in the same country where they just enjoyed huge success.

Professional sport and so often the futures of those who play or coach at the highest levels are defined by the finest of margins. That was the case at the 2019 World Cup after Pakistan missed out on the semi-finals because of having an inferior net run rate, instead, New Zealand progressed and the rest is history.



You have to feel though, had Pakistan scored at a quicker rate during their nine group games, that Arthur would still be in a job. Now, if you think an inferior run rate is enough reason to show your head coach the door then you are in danger of being called short-sighted. The 51-year-old looked to be building something special as the head coach of Pakistan and what the PCB should have spent longer looking at was the legacy he built when in charge of the South African national team.

Still today, the Proteas are reaping the benefits of what Arthur and Graeme Smith put in place during their time as coach and captain. More so in the Test arena, granted, but that is the one place where Pakistan desperately need to improve. Just imagine for a second that Pakistan had gone nine years unbeaten on the road in Tests as the Proteas did. South Africa’s run only stopped when India beat them in 2014, although the pitches the Indians prepared played the biggest part in the Proteas’ demise. 

The timing of letting Arthur go is also quite strange given that there is a T20 World Cup less than a year away. The South African’s departure hasn’t done anything for Pakistan's odds of winning the event as they now sit at 10/1 in the cricket betting. With Arthur at the helm, opposition countries would have been wary of what Pakistan were going to do given they had recently won an ICC event.

Credit: Pexels

But like anything in life, there are always two sides to every story and the PCB will have their reasons for doing what they did, even if it doesn’t seem to make any sense right now. We will have to wait until Arthur writes his next book to find out the ins and out of what was really going on. With that, Pakistan cricket moves on and the long-lasting search for consistency goes on.

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