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Syria's solution

19 October, 2011

Although Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has formed a committee to draft a new constitution within four months, the move seems to be rejected by the protesters as they are bent upon sending President Assad home. So far, the Syrian president has offered many reform plans to pacify the angry protestors but all his attempts have failed. The protests that erupted on March 15 initially calling for greater freedoms and later demanding the ouster of the Assad regime have created a severe law and order situation in Syria. The security forces are facing armed resistance from the protestors across the country. Not only a large number of civilians have lost their lives and hundreds arrested, the armed protestors have also killed a good number of security personnel. Unfortunately, the western media is only propagating the loss of civilian lives in Syria, deliberately ignoring the death toll of security personnel in the ongoing tension in the country. The Syrian authorities have time and again pointed at the US and the western countries' financial support to the protestors, along with arms and ammunition.

Unfortunately, the international media is hiding this fact and promoting anti-Assad regime sentiments among the people across the world. The world must understand the imperialistic designs of the west and the role of the US in Syria. Syria is the only country in the region with leanings towards socialism. It has been a thorn in the eyes of the US and the west as it openly questions Israel's activities in the region. If President Assad's regime topples, the balance of power in the world will be further disturbed. It is encouraging that the UN Security Council has failed to pass a resolution against the Syrian authorities. Russia and China vetoed the anti-Syria resolution drafted by the western countries as they refrained from repeating the mistake that led the Nato forces to launch airstrikes in Libya. The sensible leaders of the world must oppose such attempts by both the west and the US.

For the stability, security and prosperity of the world, especially the third world countries, the creation of bipolarity or even multi-polarity in the world is very important. At present, an opinion is being built around the world against the deadly crackdown of the Syrian authorities on the anti-government protestors. The world, particularly the Arab countries, should put pressure on the US and the west to stop supporting the armed resistance in Syria and let the Syrian government hold talks with dissident leaders for a peaceful resolution of the crisis.


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