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Some In-Depth Tips on How to Write a Good Coursework

15 October, 2019

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There are numerous tips on how to make your coursework better, where to start, and how to make it interesting. However, there are also some issues that should be considered to make your written work successful.

Annotation. It often happens so that the professors read the annotation first, then read the introduction, then read the conclusion and after all of this, if they like the written work, they begin to read the text. Therefore, annotation and introduction should be extremely clear and well-designed. In this case, there should be a clear and concise description of what you have done and the place of your task in the field of tasks to which it relates. If you visit, you will find out how the best authors do it. The person reading the text must understand where your coursework fits. The same applies to articles.

The introduction should contain a brief explanation of why your paper is interesting. This is what is called relevance. You know that there are standard requirements and the word relevance there must be present without fail.
Further chapters. Chapters can be written in many ways. We can advise you on the style in which the first chapter is the statement of the problem. Often the same chapter includes a review of the literature. This review can be scattered in chapters, but usually, the papers contain a review in the first chapter. Some professors like it more when each chapter has an introduction, conclusion, and review of the literature. All this is individual and depends on you and your supervisor.

Conclusion. The conclusion usually lists the results obtained. No need to trifle, if thirty small results are obtained, do not write about all thirty, write about three, but write strongly about what you actually managed to achieve. Good style, if you write in conclusion about unsolved problems, this shows the culture of the author.

Creation of the Good Text

Now a few words about how to write text, some technology. When you write the 30th work, the process is already in place, but if you are writing your first paper, then try the following method. If you want to formulate a thought, write a sentence, look at it, try to write this thought in the form of another sentence and do the same in 3-4 different ways. So, when you look at five ways to write one thought when you do it 20 times, then, believe me, you will write it correctly.

Do the same with a paragraph of text, sentences should flow logically from one to another, each paragraph should contain one thought, not two, not three. A lot of people write texts in such a way that in one paragraph eight thoughts are collected, not related to each other in any way.

Now try to write a page of text, reduce it by a third without throwing away any thoughts, naturally, then try to reduce it by another third. If after you have reduced the text, you managed to keep all the thoughts, then you will see how high-quality your text turned out.

A very important thing — sentences should be short, you cannot write sentences in 6-7 lines. The reason for it is the fact that such a sentence will be difficult to understand. It is really hard to keep the attention of the reader on the idea when the sentence is so long. Of course, there are some examples of the wonderful works that consist mostly of long sentences. In scientific articles, however, try to avoid long sentences of 4-6 lines.

Do not abuse footnotes, the fewer footnotes, the better, try to fit thoughts in the main text. There are few liberal arts magazines where big footnotes make sense. There are books where footnotes take up more space than the main text. This does not apply to basic economic, and even more so, mathematical texts or any other scientific work. The reason for it is that the reader may lose the idea of the paragraph.

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