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Impact of probiotics on human health Vital essentials you need to know on it

16 July, 2018

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Among the extremely health-conscious people, there is a growing trend of probiotic supplements but did you know that this tiny bacterium which was included within capsules and kept on pharmacy shelves actually existed with us even before we were aware of them? Probiotics are live microorganisms which are similar to the important microorganisms which already are there within our body, apart from yeast and bacteria. Due to the fact that the products which comprise of probiotics are sold in the market, like for example dietary supplements, drinks and yogurt, there is some confusion about how you can define the same and the extent to which they’re beneficial.

Probiotics – What are they?

The living healthy bacteria which already reside in the human digestive tract are called probiotics and they’re extremely healthy for digestion, gut health, absorption of nutrients and also the immune system. The human gut usually contains hundreds of microbes and as the Federal Drug Administration or FDA is still continuing with its studies to verify their effectiveness, the WHO already vouches for its benefits and defines them as living micro-organisms.

The dietary supplements which are given the label of ‘probiotics’ should be viable enough and they should be reproducible within several human hosts, if kept in storage, they should have stability and viability and above all, they should have the capability of surviving within the stomach acid and also the intestines.

Things you need to know on probiotics

In spite of the recent hype that has been created about probiotics, Healthspan, a nutrition company found that there’s a great amount of confusion around the entire thing. This is why we will give you a list of the few things that you should know about probiotics like Herbs of Gold products and their health value.

*  They have an impact on all parts of your body
We are aware of the fact how several parts of our body and their functioning can depend on a single part – the intestines. The collective name given to the bacteria which lives in our body is microbiome and this comprises of 100 trillion bacterial cells, among which the highest concentration lies in the gut. The actual composition of these microbiome and their activities are involved in all biological processes which comprise of human disease and health. There are several other studies which have linked the relation of bacteria in the gut with skin, immunity, health and even with autism.

*  You can grow fat due to bad bacteria
To begin with, there are many among us who have a diminished microbiome due to the fact that we engage ourselves in eating the wrong diet that’s high in sugar and carbs. Taking too much of antibiotics might have eliminated some or all of our important bacteria that stays in our body. What impact does this have on the weight of a person? In case the microbiome doesn’t comprise of bacteria from the friendly species, we’ll tend to extract increased calories from whatever we eat. Despite being on diet, you will find your weight increasing.

*  Bacteria has an impact on the skin
Friendly bacteria and probiotics are recently being included in sprays and creams to treat different sorts of skin conditions like acne and eczema. There are more than 100,000 bacteria on the surface of your skin and they’re all comprised of 200-300 different sorts of bacteria. Individuals who have healthy skin will definitely have increased amount of protective bacteria which are called S. Hominis and S. Epidermis. On the other hand, those who suffer from skin issues like eczema contain high levels of bacteria which are called S. Aureus and this is linked with eczema.

*  And also on the human brain
Many don’t know how the optimal bacterial balance is also important for the functioning of the total nervous system. It is located in the gut and it is called the second brain. The gut is also engaged in producing chemicals which set an impact on the mood like serotonin, 95% of which chemicals are produced in the bowels. There’s no wonder about the fact that there are new researches which link dietary practice of fermentation of foods to better mental state.

*  Sugar can cause dangerous harm to good bacteria
Among the old (100 trillion) bacteria which reside in our gut, the ultimate balance that is sought is 85% good against 15% bad. However, with too much of consumption of processed foods, caffeine, antibiotic courses can upset the balance. Moreover, with age, there is a steep decline in stomach acid and this allows bad bacteria to get the upper hand and the main reason behind this is taking too much of sugar. You might not know these bad bacteria feed on sugar and refined carbs and this is the reason behind so many people’s guts being in a bad mess. Auto-immune diseases, intolerance of food, fatigue and skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema occur due to this reason. As you again begin to fill your gut with good bacteria, you will find the aforementioned symptoms being reduced.

*  Probiotics are present in foods that undergo fermentation
If you consider fermented foods, they usually contain a healthy bunch as the probiotic content is vital for maintaining the digestive tract at its optimum level. Fermented foods have always been a vital part of diets throughout the world, from Northern Europe’s sauerkraut to kimchi in Korea to Indian chutneys to soya beans that are fermented in Japan. You’ll find Kefir, a fermented milk drink which is rich in good bacteria and which is preserved in the mountains of Europe. Such foods are usually the richest in terms of probiotics.

Apart from all the above mentioned facts on probiotics, you should note that probiotics can benefit the health of your heart and this has shown to decrease blood pressure and LDL bad cholesterol levels. Now that you know how healthy it is for your body, try and take probiotic supplements whenever you can.

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