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Dr. Aamir Liaqat's masters, PhD degrees are fake

09 March, 2005

ISLAMABAD: (File photo) MQM Parliamentarian and Minister of State for Religious Affairs, Zakat & Ushr, Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain, who allegedly purcha
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KARACHI, March 10 (Online): MQM parliamentarian and minister of state for religious affairs Dr. Aami Liaqat has allegedly purchased fake degrees of Masters in Islamic Studies, Masters in Business Administration and PhD from 'The Trinity College and University, Spain which is an unrecognized university, besides the university is not included in the list of recognized international universities available with Karachi University, reports Karachi based Urdu Daily.

In a stunning investigation by the Urdu Daily it has been documented and proved that Dr Aamir purchased fake University degrees to contest the 2002 general election, forced the Karachi University officials to authenticate these degrees in a single day and prevented any investigations by the newspaper to dig deep into the unavailable records at the University.

The newspaper, however, persisted with the three-month long probe and was able to obtain the copies of the "University" degrees Dr Aamir used to make himself eligible to contest the election for a National Assembly seat on the MQM ticket from Karachi. He won because of the party ticket and when MQM joined the Musharraf coalition, he was made Minister of state for Religious Affairs in the cabinet.

Dr Aamir did not have a graduate degree in 2002 and according to the investigation he surfed web site in Spain, The Trinity College & University, which boasts about providing Bachelors, Masters or even Doctorate degrees, without attending any class or college. "Everything by Email" the web site of the College says right on top with the big slogan: "Get your degree today."

Dr Aamir purchased his "Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies" degree (Serial No: P-2002227 Dated March 17, 1995), got his "Master of Arts in Islamic Studies" degree (No: P-2002341 Dated March 15, 2002) and his "Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies" degree (No: P-2002528 Dated April 5, 2002).

The newspaper reports claims that the minister of state for religious affairs Dr. Aamir Liaqat secured his PhD degree in just three weeks after his Master's degree, if the documents are to be believed.

Karachi based Daily Ummat contacted the Karachi University authorities to find out how these web site Email degrees were authenticated in a single day, in writing, by the then registrar of Karachi University, Prof. NM Aqil Burney. The registrar received the application from Dr Aamir on August 24, 2002, days before filing of his nomination papers for the NA election and authenticated his degrees through letter No PA/2002 Dated August 24, 2002.

Prof. Aqil, however, did leave some elbow room by stating in his letter that the authentication was "provisional" and the final decision would be conveyed to the applicant in due course of time. That decision was neither needed nor taken nor conveyed to anyone as Dr Aamir had used the provisional certificate to get himself elected to the Parliament and the matter was pushed under the rug.

When the newspaper contacted Prof Aqil later to ask how he could issue the authentication without referring the documents to the Equivalence Committee, he admitted that Dr Aamir had come to him with degrees from some Trinity College Spain and he authenticated them on the pot.

Prof Aqil kept no record of these degrees and when the newspaper contacted the current registrar to verify whether any such record was kept, no one could trace the file, as none existed.

When the newspaper contacted the Higher Education Commission in Islamabad, the official authority on the matter, to verify whether the Trinity College & University of Spain, which issued the degrees to Dr Aamir, was a recognized institution by Pakistan, Director General Mohammed Javed Khan informed the newspaper vide a letter Dated February 23, 2005 that the Trinity College was not recognized. The letter confirmed the forgery of Dr Aamir and abetment in the forgery by Prof Aqil to facilitate his candidacy in the election.

Daily Ummat also obtained copies of the degrees Dr Aamir presented to the Election Commission and during the investigation found that the Trinity College and University, Spain had placed exactly similar samples on its web site, offered the same day for a price.

The investigation leaves Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain, MQM Chief Altaf Hussain and General Pervez Musharraf in an embarrassing political dilemma. Musharraf has been promoting Dr Aamir as the heir apparent of Altaf Hussain himself and the way his curve was rising was creating serious apprehensions within the MQM circles as well.


Reader Comments:

He is an actor

When i saw him first time on Geo and then on his Ramdaan program which were live broadcast from Madina/Makkah Mukarama, his face expression and atrificial crying were warning me that he is not a schelor but an excellent actor, and now this news have confirmed this.

Khalid, Pakistan - 22 March, 2005

It is pitty to know that one can go to such an extent of forgery. I believe Aamir Liaqat is still not ashamed of what he has done. The question is how many other parliamantarians are involved in such cases? we still dont need to bother too much because we have some other champions like Faisal saleh Hayat, Imtiaz Shaikh as Arbab Raheem says and Arbab Raheem as Imtiaz Shaikh has been telling us. Let us not dig our past Like Surrey Mahal etc. It is very good example of Good Governance and First Pakistan. This is how our Enlightened Modernist can survive against extremists.
Can Geo has any moral values to stop Aamir from keeping appearing on a " Forgerer on Line"????

Khizar, Pakistan - 22 March, 2005


A patient Jehan Ara died allegedly due to negligence of Doctors in a private hospital where she was admitted for migrane (heache). The news item did not pass through my eyes but I read comments from various letters to editor on it. Almost all the writers are unanimous in their view namely irresponsible attitude of private hospitals, private hospitals money minting units and private hospital not keeping well experienced doctors in staff. In such cases reply from these hospitals invariably always is that they have best professionals on their staff lists, state of the art equipment and facilities and utmost attention. Being a mother I have all the sympathies with the family of Jehan Ara. She was most probably a child as one reader has said that he being parent of a child have passed on agony of child sickness.

But none of the writers appears to be realistic. All these writers wish that these private hospitals should recruit well experienced and able doctors. All these writers have missed the main point where the experienced able doctors would come from?

I do not remember the exact names but if my memories are not misguiding me their names were Dr. Yayha Bohra who had clinic on Frere Road and one Dr. Nasim who had an X-Ray Laboratory near Amricano in Saddar. It was 1973 or 1974 and the occasion was a general sitting. Bhutto had then allowed unionism in Hospitals and these two gentlemen were saying if medical fratenity did not take note of it and did not protest over it our whole system of health in a decade or so would get destroyed. Their wise words always remain in my mind.

Are we producing doctors today? I think No. We are today producing only MBBS Degree holders. Though student unionism as organs of political parties in medical colleges had been since decades nevertheless what “powers” office bearers of these unions got in 1972-73 started destroying our education system. Teacher student relations did not remain the same similar as in Banks the Manager became the most abused person and each clerk in Branch became the real Manager. Copying in examinations, pressure on teachers, insulting the teachers, remaining absent but on political backing getting attendance verified for sitting in examinations all are the ills seeded in 1973-74 and each passing day increase.

I am now approaching my 60. Since 1967 I am resident of Karachi. I use the services of two street doctors till now. In all these 35-37 years I remember only once the doctor asked me to get my urine tested otherwise for whatever ailment these old aged doctors always gave me usual syrup and newspaper piece wrapped tables from their own clinic or a few open tables form pharmacy. Today's young doctors we are producing whether having clinics in the street or in a private hospital cannot diagnose and prescribe unless on each visit they get laboratory reports before them. That “experienced professionalism” has gone and is out of syllabus of medical collages. So from where these writers want these private hospitals to bring “professionally skilled” doctors whereas we are only churning out Degree Holders. The commodity which is not available in the market and which are not “manufacturing” how can private or even government hospital can bring. It is just a matter of 10-20 years when still old generation real professionals who just using stethoscope prescribe you very rightly cheap treatment will disappear for ever. We should be afraid of from that time as today like religious Alim's degrees the medical degrees too are available in a week on the internet and which our Universities are always ready to endorse and verify.

Shahnaz, Pakistan - 22 March, 2005

actor (dr.) Aamir "KHAN"

well..i storgnly agrree with all the comments that hav been passed uptill now..somebody said right tht its just t he one case how many mroe would there b as v hav muuch bigger champions.. well he is surely not ashamed thts y he is still there criticising the pakistan govt. decision on brining bak the religion column n its full name as ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN..he dont even os happy with that how can he b relgious or a Allah lover. he is jut like other Altaf Hussain's pet puppies.. the fugetive Altaf Hussain should luk at it how many more young blood he;s gonna shed n how many more times hez gonna make our nation fool. sittin in uk enjoyin evry facility ask us to figth in his name.what r vv getting?? geting is a bit far away infact v r loosing wot already have. i havtn seen such an AASHIQ-E-RASOOL who cant even keep beard in HIS (P.B.U.H.) love.well..Mushrraf shold b ashamed of him self as he is the gr8 fan of this lier boy!! as he hav also not takin any action regardin this he shoudl hav been sacked then n there no place for big liers as such in our country!!

Hussain, United Arab Emirates - 26 March, 2005

fake degree

i want to say about dr aamir liaqat that we should,nt criticize him but we should to look ourself.what iam?if ammir liaqat has fake degrees.then how he still present in geo tv .

shagufta, Pakistan - 30 March, 2005

Fake Mohajireen's Fake Alim

I ever thought while reading/listening about MQM's so called struggle for Mohajirs (Refugees) that what kind of mohajirs are they? and I suggested a lot of time to my so called "mohajir" friends to visit Afghan refugee camps and see themselves that what is refuge? and what sort of life refugees live. Fake Mohajirs, expert in tempering so what one can expect from them? SIMPLY FAKE ALIM.... Thanks daily Ummat and Thanks a lot "Paktribune". Just a humble advice for Ummat and Paktribune people now beware of MQM's target killers. May Allah secure all of you from RAW's Anti-Pakistan wing. Amen

Samad Khan, Pakistan - 30 March, 2005

Deeply saddened

I was lucky enough to spend last ramadan in Pakistan with my loved ones.While i was there my mother and mother in law both told me bout this program called Alim Online , she said that hes really good , a very good speaker and hosts a good islamic program.The thing they really stressed upon was his Dua on the 27th of ramadan.Since they were all in awe of him , during sehar i watched it with my mom and have to admit that he really was good.But i always used to wonder why an alim does not have beard or why he talks like hes delivering dialogues.Anyways just the other day , over dinner , my husband told me bout his fake degrees and all and when he told me that this person also hosts a show by the name of Alim Online , well u can imagine my surprise and at the sae time utter saddness .Yet another disappointment.One just wonders wht kinda future our youth has.Wish islam, a beautiful religion ,can be enforced by those who know it and not a phony liek Dr Aamir

, United Kingdom - 31 March, 2005

Let us not brand people

I dont think it has anythig to do with being a mahajir or a sindhi or punjabi or whatever.
we simply cannot put the entire blame on a community only because of few corrupt people.
dr. Aamer Liaqat has been role model for so many. He should have given a thought to the consequences of aftermath just once, but truth gets revealed no matter what. he is answerable to the entire nation and should opologize to people who had such high hopes from him and should resign from his post if he has a bit of ego left to himself. After such a shameful event he should just burry himself under ground as he has done something so embarrasing and shameful. what would you call this when someone fakes things at the expense of deen-e-Islam and his own nation and country. It's pay back time. and make sure we all make him do that.

mahwush ali, Pakistan - 31 March, 2005

As Expected

There s nothing surprising in this article as this is what we can expect from a so called political party with fake agenda and fake leaders (or i should say leader). So in my opinion, an independant probe shoud be done for all the senators,MNA's and MPA's who belong to this political party to unveil more of these cases as i m sure 60% of them will be the same as Mr.Aamir Online ....(does everything online i guess).
I must congratulate Ummat and Pak Tribune for highlighting this in public to show his real face. I hope people will now realize which type of people this party have?

Doesnt Matter, Pakistan - 01 April, 2005

We need to first independently confirm this claim

No rush to jusm on this band wagon.

Atif Khan, Poland - 02 April, 2005

Now you agree...

On a number of occasions this cheater not only misguide the viewers but also malign religious scholars and Islamic and eastern traditions. Does anybody remember, the Alim Online episode of "Valentine Day Special", in the last section of program he said "Maulana sahib kia karain, Dil Hay kay manta nahin". On a question that whether a boy can gift flowers to girls or not?. For a number of occasions real scholars have critize him, but as we impressed with western culture we were happy with the clean shaved scholar, and asking him to enlighten us on Islam. We all are hyprocrates, we asked for it - and we get it. This is the end product of Musharaff's Modern vision of Islam, more finer end products are inline...please wait.

Zeeshan Zia, Pakistan - 11 April, 2005


Mujhay Bata to Sahie Aur Kafiri Kia Hay

Muhammad Kashif, Pakistan - 17 April, 2005

900 Chohay Khaer Billa Hajja ko Chala

NO wonder , The way is presenting in "Aalim Online" the dresses the way of talking that is ria'akaari( dekhawa).. Muhjir's need another Altaf in Pakistan actually ..that's what he think he is. He know nothing just palying with words is his art.( Munh ki khata hay ---werna kiya aata hay ?)

Anonymous, Canada - 21 April, 2005

jhoota mahajir

This is not unexpected from mahajirs

nasir, Pakistan - 26 April, 2005

jali hay yai sirf jhoot per mubnii

main to kheta ho is insan ko jannat main kya dozaq main bhi jaga nahin milay gi

sajjad ali ziadi, Pakistan - 22 May, 2005

Sab aik hee thalee kay chathay bathay!

Dear All,

From Musharaf to Amir Liaqat and from MMA to PPP.. they are all the looters and cheaters in Pakistan. If Pakistan has any political HERO, then we would have become prosperous like China or Malaysia.. but it's v sad that more then 30% of our population lived below the proverty rate. Shame to all the politicians of Pakistan., may Allah open the eyes of innocent people of Pakistan and put all the politicians in Hell.

Kashif Shah, Pakistan - 04 June, 2005

We Must Watch Him

this man is not Dr, we should not use his name like Dr.Ammir ,, he is simple Aamir so stop callign him Dr all who they still call him Dr insutlting the real PHDs,
so please keep this in mind,

Winsome, Pakistan - 14 June, 2005

Dr.Aamir Liaquat Hussain

i think the people who dilikes
Dr.Aamir Liaquat Hussain
are jealoused.

smm, Pakistan - 08 September, 2005



FAISAL AHMED, Pakistan - 15 September, 2005

such kia hai ...!

Azazi degree aik din main bhi mil jati hai 20 din tu bohut hain hum ko sab se pehlay ye dekhna hoga ke ye baat such hai bhi ya serif aik jhouti report hai mujhe ache tarah yaad hai ke main ne amir sab ke bare main aik news parrhi thi express main ke un ko Islam and Terrorism ke mouzoo per doctorate ke degree mili hai wo bhi azazi from Trinity college se .

FAHAD AHMED, Pakistan - 27 September, 2005

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