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Why Biofuels Are Important

01 May, 2019

The world is increasingly getting persuaded to get on the green bandwagon.

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This is because environmentally-friendly living has a positive impact on a world already reeling from pollution. A positive impact on the environment also has a positive impact on the economy.

Biofuels are not meant to drive fossil fuel out of the market. Their purpose is to create a policy that is balanced.  The goal of biofuels is to create alternative energy that benefits the environment as well as local communities.

Biofuel companies play an important role in ensuring the availability of biofuels.

Benefits of Biofuel

Here are a few reasons why biofuel is important.

Development of the Economy

BiofueI companies have created job opportunities and therefore benefited whole communities. This is a definite boost for the economy as new sources of income are created for the community. In fact, developing countries would benefit greatly from biofuel technology with the demand for world energy.

Farmers will also benefit from having additional sources of income. The demand for cleaner energy is expected to rise by at least 84% and biofuel technology must meet this demand.

Ease of Use

The biggest advantage of biofuel is that it can be used in any engine diesel is used without the need to make drastic changes. It is used in much the same way as petroleum. Additionally, you can use it in its pure or blended form without any complications. This can only be good news to the fuel economy.

Using biofuel gives you the option to switch to petroleum whenever you need to. If there is a shortage of biofuel, for instance, you can simply fill up with petroleum and carry on as usual.

Energy Security

There is probably nothing as important as having a reliable supply of energy. So much rides on the availability of energy. Biofuel comes from sustainable sources of energy that have little chance of running out as they are naturally available.

Some risks to energy security include:

•    Not enough sources of fuel

•    Interfering with fossil oil supplies

•    Pricing as there are chances of getting energy prices hiked

Many nations are looking to biofuels to provide energy solutions for a lot of reasons including saving the environment as well as having a source of energy that is not likely to run out.

Reduction of Pollution

Biofuel comes with numerable benefits including reducing pollution which is great for a safer and healthier environment. This is because biofuel releases a good amount of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere in comparison to what is produced by fossil fuels.

In addition, the experts report that biodiesel is the best alternative to fossil fuels in terms of safety. This is with regard to the discharge of noxious fumes which most often turn out to be hazardous. Biofuel reduces the ejection of carcinogenic compounds into the atmosphere.

Convertible and Environmental-Friendly

Biofuel hardly contains any of the harmful effects that are found in fossil fuels. It is therefore safe for the environment and even safe to breathe in. It does not contain cancer-causing elements and neither is likely to cause respiratory complications in humans.

Furthermore, biofuel is obtained from naturally available resources such as vegetable oils as well as used cooking oil; they are clean in that they are not toxic.  It is therefore safer to use than petroleum. These are resources that are not likely to run out.

Petroleum contains a high amount of energy which makes it dangerous for instance if there is accidental ignition. The fuel produces vapour that could cause it to ignite which would be dangerous not only to anyone close by but also to the environment.

Biofuel therefore comes with countless benefits for the environment as well as an inexhaustible energy resource. The market for it is bound to grow as nations come around to the benefits of using biofuels instead of fossil one.


The benefits of biofuels far outrank any concerns that anyone could come up with such as costs. With a healthier environment which gives rise to fewer health complications, biofuel comes out as a winner.

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