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When Will Pakistan Get Hyperoptic Broadband?

25 September, 2017

What Is Hyperoptic Broadband? Hyperoptic Broadband Is the newest innovation in high speed internet.

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What Is Hyperoptic Broadband?

Hyperoptic Broadband Is the newest innovation in high speed internet. It has been well received for two reasons. Firstly, it’s extremely fast. Secondly, it’s very affordable. That sounds like a perfect reason to use this technology in developing countries. Unfortunately, its arrival in Pakistan has been slower than it should have been.


The Internet In Pakistan

The internet has been in Pakistan for over two decades. Currently, it’s estimated that twenty per cent of the population of Pakistan are using the internet. In case that seems like a very low amount, it should be remembered that given the size of the Pakistani population, that means approximately 32 million users. That is certainly not a small number. It should also be remembered that Pakistan’s e commerce industry is worth between 25 and 30 million US dollars per year.

Pakistani Society Today

Pakistan has its share of intelligent and articulate people. These are definitely the internet users. However, there are large areas of the country where more development is required. The internet has much to offer a society like Pakistan. It can speed up the development of society as a whole by helping education and literacy to spread. To that end, fast and affordable broadband is the need of the hour. With hyperoptic broadband available, it seems almost unbelievable that the technology hasn’t reached Pakistan yet. So why hasn’t it reached here?

Possible Reasons For Hyperoptic Broadband Absence In Pakistan

There’s no doubt that hyperoptic broadband could do a lot to improve the reach of the internet in Pakistan, thereby facilitating the development of the more underdeveloped areas of the nation, both geographically and population wise. So what could be the reason for the delay in the arrival of the latest technology?

●    General lethargy. There could be a lack of interest in doing something positive to tackle the problems of the nation because of a general assumption that the problem is too big and nothing significant can be achieved by trying to do something about it.

●    Elitism. Could there be a fear among the elite of losing their superior position in society? There may be those who think that everything is fine exactly the way it is and that a lot of educated and aware people in society would disturb the balance.

●    Resistance to change. There are some who are genuinely afraid that if there are too many educated people in society, they won’t be able to find servants. While that idea seems strange to some, it’s perfectly valid to others. The idea of high speed internet in Islamabad, Lahore or Karachi may be fine, but the thought of the internet having a reach into some of the tribal areas may not be so attractive.

●    Arriving slowly. Strange as it may seem to some, every modern innovation ultimately reaches every corner of the world, sometimes sooner rather than later. Even if Pakistani internet providers haven’t been falling over themselves to bring the latest technology home, it doesn’t mean it won’t arrive eventually. It seems difficult to believe that Pakistanis can’t provide a market for the latest broadband developments.

More Internet Providers Required?

If the internet service providers of Pakistan can’t get things together sufficiently to provide the latest technology to its customers, perhaps the time has come for some more entrepreneurs to enter this area.

Let It Come

The internet has been such a success Pakistan, for those who have access to it, that if an improved speed, low cost broadband system becomes available, the effect on Pakistani society may be amazing. Let’s wait and see

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