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Top 5 Benefits Of Working As A Lawyer

27 April, 2017

If a career as a lawyer is the dream you`ve always had, you may be held back at the thought of the long process it takes to become one.

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It’s no secret that becoming a lawyer isn’t exactly an easy process. In addition to needing a bachelor’s degree, you’ll also need a minimum of three more years of more study and education beyond that.

Fortunately, any current lawyer who loves what they do will tell you that the benefits of being a lawyer are well worth the initial hard work and effort you have to put in. To prove this to you, here are the top five benefits of being a lawyer:

1. You Have Options

First and foremost, working as a lawyer means you get to choose the specific legal field you will work in. You have a variety of options ranging from criminal to immigration to business to civil and more. Choose the specific field that you are the most passionate about and pursue it. If you choose a field that you don’t particularly like, you’ll regret it in the future.

2. You Get To Help Others

For many lawyers, the biggest satisfaction isn’t in the prestige or the salary they earn but rather in the fact that they get to help others, particularly the less financially fortunate or victims of abuse, solve their legal problems.

3. You Get To Debate Other Lawyers

If debating is something that you love to do, where’s a better place to do it than in the courtroom? While it is true that there are certain kinds of lawyers who will never get to argue a case (or at least incredibly few), there are other lawyers called trial attorneys who will get to argue a new case sometimes once or twice each week.

4. You Get To Challenge Your Brain

There are preciously few other careers that will be as intellectually gratifying as working as a lawyer. When it comes down to it, working as a lawyer means you’re essentially working as a problem solver and your mental power is absolutely imperative to your success. This holds true even for lawyers who don’t get to argue cases in a courtroom.

5. It’s Lucrative

If you’re looking for a career that’s going to earn you a lucrative salary each year, then working as a lawyer will certainly be an attractive option. The average lawyer earns more than one hundred thousand dollars a year, with large law firms paying well above that and smaller firms a little less. Even though you’ll likely make closer to a sixty to seventy five thousand salary as a first year associate, your income will definitely go up after that.

Becoming A Lawyer

Don’t let anything hold you back from becoming a lawyer if that’s what you’ve always wanted to be. Keep the benefits you have seen in this article in mind as you begin your legal education to help motivate you.

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