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How can you promote your business by conducting cricket tournaments?

13 June, 2019

Sponsoring a sports event is a great way to get eyeballs and many businesses use this method to get their brands going.

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Sponsoring in sports events such as the NFL, Major League Baseball, English Premier League etc are common but when it comes to South Asia and most of the Commonwealth countries, you need to sponsor cricket tournaments, since it is the leading sport.

Sponsoring major cricket tournaments such as the Cricket World Cup can get your business the required push, but it can be a very costly affair. Ad slots are very expensive and if you do not have that type of money or budget for improving your business then you should think of other options such as conducting yourself a cricket tournament.

When you conduct a tournament, it will be wholly sponsored by you and you can have additional sponsors, the main trophy will have your business name on it and so it will reverberate across the viewers.

Cricket is like a religion in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Everyone follows the game. People are known to get into fights during and after games. Betting on games is banned in most of these countries and you will not find things like in USA, where you can even bet in NFL preseason games.

Therefore, betting is not possible when cricket games are held in these countries, though you can find cricket betting in countries like England where it is legal. Match fixing has been a big problem in the cricket world and hence when you conduct a tournament you need to be wary of it.

So how do you go about conducting a cricket tournament? The first thing you need to do is to decide what type of tournament you wish to conduct. You can opt for the exciting T20 format or the new T10 format or the age old 50 over tournament. T20 seems to be the flavour of the season and it will be beneficial to opt for it.

The next is the choice of ball. Leather ball is the preferred ball and professional cricketers use this ball to play tournaments. But tennis ball cricket is quite popular too. In this form of cricket, you get to attract a lot of youngsters and wannabes plus it makes for exciting cricket.

Once the type of tournament and ball is identified you need to define rules. Usually the ICC (International Cricket Council) rules are followed everywhere. Every cricket lover knows the rules and it would be easy to follow the game that way. If you need to tweak the rules such as not allowing leg byes etc., you can easily do so, but the rules should be prescribed before the start of the tournament.

Once everything is in place you can send out feelers for additional sponsors for the tournament. There are many businesses that are on the lookout for such opportunities and you will be able to get sponsorship support from them. You can contact sports advertising agencies to help you in this regard. Try to involve the local community in the tournament and maybe if you turn it into a charitable event, not only will you promote your business, but you will also pass the message about how much you care about your consumers.

This will have a great impact and you will also have a lot of supporters watching the matches during the tournament. As mentioned, try to provide the local community with benefits, be it monetary or in kind, this will help you in conducting the tournament without any hassles and you will be welcome to conduct the tournament year after year.

Once everything is in place, invite teams to come and participate in the tournament. Make the rewards of winning exciting and you will have a lot of teams coming to register and play in it!

Author: Thyagarajan Gopalakrishnan

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