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16 August, 2019

The future of online marketing is here and if you are a company with a product or a service to sell, it's about time you got involved yourself, especially if you are a small one.

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We are all familiar with the big names who can afford to spread their name across all manner of media and push their wares on us. This can lead to a certain amount of saturation as it can occasionally feel like there is no getting away from them as their ads pop up on television, on the radio, on billboards and on the Internet. This creates a problem for smaller businesses as it can be increasingly more difficult to go up against these big names when their financial resources far exceed that of small businesses and, therefore, they are able to prepare more detailed and complete advertising and marketing campaigns. Thankfully, for small businesses and all businesses, a new form of online advertising has emerged which is proving to be beneficial for all kinds of companies.

The new format for online marketing

Considering the mass migration of people to the online world in recent decades, it is only natural that businesses have also turned their attention that way and are now focusing more than ever on channeling the Internet's power in all its forms to be more effective with the promotion of all the aspects of their business: such as their products or services and, equally as important, their brand. The great benefit of using the Internet in this way is that it is far more cheaper to use than traditional means and there is a lot more control of editing content once it has been uploaded. As such, any business with a creative mind is able to give it a go and go toe-to-toe with the biggest companies around. The cost involved is a big factor in levelling the playing fields and it means that small, one-branch operations are able to compete with gigantic, international brands who count on resources a million times greater.

Instagram is becoming the latest marketing battlefield

Instagram began life in 2010 as a social network where users could come to share photos of their lives with their friends and family. Instagram differs from other social networks as more emphasis is placed on the power of images to get messages across as opposed to the focus on written posts found on other sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Instagram also serves as a useful platform for engaging in closer contact with people in other places, even though they may be on the other side of the world. Since it's launch, Instagram has grown rapidly, particularly in recent years, and has been warmly embraced by public figures such as sportspeople, politicians, entertainers, news media and artists as a means to communicate with their fans and anyone who is interested in their opinions or what they are up to. Businesses have also caught on to the possibilities that Instagram offers and, as of now, twenty-five million companies operate an Instagram account.

Why is Instagram so attractive for businesses?

There are plenty of interesting statistics which can be analysed to get an idea of why businesses are paying particular attention to Instagram as an area to engage with their customers as well as trying to attract potential ones. The most important statistics to look at are regarding the number of users and their profile. In total, Instagram has about a billion users who are active on the social network at least once a month. Half of these users, or five hundred million of them, will access Instagram at some point on a daily basis while roughly three hundred and fifty million of them are likely to access the social network several times over the course of the day. Additionally, young people represent a significant amount of Instagram users, with slightly more than two-thirds of them being under the age of 35. The behaviour of Instagram users is another reason why companies are interested in using the site to promote their business: 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business, while 60% of them have purchased a product which they originally discovered on Instagram. Similarly, Instagram users have a higher rate of engagement in comparison to other social media sites, with its average engagement rate being ten times greater than that of Facebook, the next social network with the most engagement. Clearly, the profile of users and their online behaviour patterns are key factors in convincing companies to use Instagram in a bid to promote their products and services.

More followers mean more exposure

Promoting your company and its brand on Instagram is the perfect opportunity to put your products and services out there for the world to see. However, it is important to build up a loyal fanbase so that you will have the followers and the influence to draw attention to your account and the content you add to it. Followers are an essential part of becoming influential and making your name known on Instagram. As such, it is worth taking some time to check out websites like INSTA4LIKES where you can buy IG followers as they will be able to help you in your quest to expand. These followers are real Instagram users who engage with your account in a way that helps its visibility grow and, in turn, attract more attention to it.

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