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Explore the Importance of Bail Bonds

31 August, 2018

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If your loved one, relative or a close associate wants to post a bail bond, but can’t afford its particular amount, then you can arrange for assistance on his/her behalf while he/she is in jail. Bail bonds are necessary for them to come out of jail and resume your life while waiting for trial.


You can find several bail bond companies, so it is essential to choose the right bail bond as per your needs. See these advises choosing the right bail bond company.

Bail Bond

A surety bond or bail bond is a bail where you have to pay an amount specified by a jury or a judge. A person known as bail bondsman pays this amount. This procedure involves a written promise from a bondsman, working on behalf of an accused. The written statement has to be submitted in court.

In the absence of a bondsman on a particular date (dictate by a judge) in court, the bail agent has to pay a specific amount (pre-determined by judges). This bond serves as a guarantee to release a defendant, who is unable to pay the amount of bail. Some courts work closely with reliable bail guarantors in different areas and provide recommendations to accused people or their beloved individuals.

Function of Bail Bondsman

Each Bail guarantor works as the surety of the defendant. It means that their company or they are agreed to pay a monetary penalty if their defendant doesn’t appear in court on due dates. They spend money to the court and represent their loss as a bondsman, defendant, friends or relatives who are responsible for the security of real bond. 

If the accused party is unsuccessful in following the conditions of a bond deal and rules of courts, the bondsman is allowed to recover money from the defendant. Chances of this event are low because people like to appear in court on due dates. High-risk defendants may not get bail bonds by a surety company.

While acting as a surety for an accused person, the agent of bail is responsible for confirming that they got payment and receive sufficient return on their investment on a defendant. If a defendant is facing charges from a state, the bondsman can charge almost 10% premium. Guarantors can get 15% of the bond amount for federal charges. The fee is non-refundable. They can demand personal assets or property to use as collateral. Each collateral ensures that a defendant will be in court on due dates.

How to Choose A Reliable Bail Guarantor?

The procedure for choosing a reliable bail guarantor can be a stressful and busy time. You have to do some research to select a good company like Santa Ana Bail Bonds. You should select a bondsperson who is working in a company and backed by BBB (Better Business Bureau).

A surety company may work with your monetary condition so that you can repay this money to them with some premium. They may provide you with the details of repayment in written for easy understanding. Some companies need collateral, but other can work without any collateral.

A company may ask you to hand over the title of a property or vehicle. In this situation, you have to put these properties on a line or simply refuse this company. A good agent will answer your queries about the whole procedure from the hearing of bail to repayments.

They are accountable to provide you with vital documentation to prove their capability to work in your jurisdiction without any legal objection. Several surety companies obtain a license from the state in which they are working, so ask for their license before you start negotiation about their services. Several agents get a license through the insurance department of their state.

If your friend, loved one or relative is in prison, you will try to get them released as quickly as possible. A proficient bail bondsperson can work with jails and courts 24/7 to arrange the nearest possible date for a bail hearing.

In this situation, extensive local history and local knowledge are essential. If a guarantor has good relations with sheriffs and local jail, he can negotiate in a better way for quick release and favorable terms.

Considerable Available Opportunities

Along with legal resources, you have to evaluate the situation to find out if a bail agent can be a right choice. If you can work with a bail agent, it will be an excellent opportunity to get desired outcomes on the first appearance in court. Navigating a legal system in your location may increase stress and heartache.

A reliable guarantor can decrease your emotional burden.

Duty officer may help you in the selection of the best bail bond company because they are already dealing with these companies. If you want to release your loved one as soon as possible, you must have a close friendship with detention officers.

Fees of Bail Bonds

If you are using the services of an organization, you may be charged almost 10% for workers for bail posting. It proves that you have to make a small payment, but there is no need to pay a significant sum of money in advance. A small amount can release your relative from jail. You can evaluate different companies to find the best deals. Companies like Santa Ana Bail Bonds are helping families through their trouble.

Bonds Referred by Attorney

Some companies get an excellent reputation for their quality work because of their work with a defense lawyer. You can get referrals from the defense attorney to choose bail bonds. Their cost can be reduced to almost 8% to save money. A defense attorney is essential for a trial, so you must hire a criminal defense lawyer before posting your bail. You must choose a famous firm instead of a corrupt organization.

Amount of Bail

In several situations, it is an important decision to keep the person in jail before the arrangement of his/her hearing. Your attorney can convince a judge to decrease the fee of the bail amount. Sometimes, you can avoid bail cost because the judge releases you on his/her recognizance. Once the judges set an amount, the court may provide the list of bail bond organizations. Similar to attorney-referred organizations, these companies are trustworthy and work with a court.

Duty Officers

You should have a friendly behavior with lawyer and detention officers. They may deal with some bail bond organizations and have a list of good companies. They may suggest the lower amount of bail in an awkward situation. Friendship with detention officers may assist your loved one in court.

Cheap Bonds

People often think that inexpensive bail bond companies can offer the best services. For instance, some organizations provide lower bail fee or a discount of 5%. These companies may have the lesser experience than reputable companies, such as Santa Ana Bail Bonds. Before choosing a company, you should check the reputation of a company. They could deceive you with false advertising, so you have to be careful. 


An agency may help you to choose the right company for a bail bond. These companies can handle your case and keep valuable information confidential. It may save your effort and time. These agencies may assist you in bond posting procedure within a short period. Agencies are famous among court clerk and attorneys. They are available to work instantly, while the small companies can’t reach you on time.

Check Reviews

Before choosing bail bonds companies, you have to check their online reviews. Famous bail bond companies post their reviews on their website. You can talk to their old clients and get their recommendations. It will help you to choose the right bail bond company for your situation.

Advantages of Bail Bond Agents

If you want to save money, you will need the services of a reliable bail bond agent. Finding the right amount of bond may be difficult. Defendants have to borrow from friends, family or employer. For almost $10,000 bond, it can be easy to pay $1,000 to the agent instead of paying the full amount to the court.

You may have to locate your family or friends in jail after detention to get them out of jail. Starting with a suitable bail bond organization is essential. The agent will find necessary information and need of a surety bond. An agent can help you to find out the location of a person and amount of bail. You can start with local jails to get more information about an arrest

Surrender Yourself

If you notice active warrants for you, you must call a good bail bond organization. The bondsman can get maximum information of your warrant. The information may include nature of charges, amount of bail bond and involved jurisdiction.

In several cases, the agent of a bail bond may meet the accused person at the office of sheriff or police department. The agent may start the vital paperwork for your assistance.

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