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Chevrolet Extended Warranty

13 August, 2019

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Buying a Chevrolet? If so, then you should know that you can expect a lot from Chevrolet extended warranty. It is there to protect your vehicle against all mechanical breakdowns.  Being the world's largest automaker, “Find New Roads” is the recent Chevy’s unifying motto. It persuades customers to explore new roads just like their lives are progressing and diversifying every day. And, when it comes to finding new roads, car is a part of that excursion. For Chevrolet drivers, mechanical breakdown protection is the least thing to worry about. This is because their vehicle is bound to take them wherever they want to go regardless of which road they choose to get their destination. Even many Chevy owners resonate with whole idea of the car brand and want to take a forward approach by securing their precious vehicles.

However, Chevy buyer is only protected for a limited time. The Chevrolet factory warranty can only provide a couple of years of coverage to the buyer. It won't last and will eventually get expired. So, what to do when there's no warranty anymore? Will that be enough for Chevy drivers? Well, not really. This is where you need additional assurance from extended warranty. Through Chevrolet extended warranty, you can save thousands on auto repairs for your vehicle right after the standard warranty expires. Nonetheless, it also offers the peace of mind you wish for.

Though, many Chevy drivers prefer to choose third-party providers to protect their vehicles. While both warranties serve the same purpose, customers are more likely to choose a flexible and affordable protection plan with added benefits. Technically, these third-party service plans are known as vehicle service contracts.

Extending the warranty with a vehicle service contract reduces the concern of having to pay for costly repairs down the road. The things that extended warranties cover are almost same as the manufacturer's warranty including parts, labor, and taxes. In fact, these vehicle contracts are comparatively less expensive than contracts selling at dealership as it doesn't involve any third-party.

What is covered within a Chevrolet Extended Limited Warranty?

Usually, your Chevrolet car comes with warranty of first 3-years or 36,000-miles, whichever comes first. As soon as given mileage is exceeded, Chevy will offer you the extended limited warranty option or their “Protection Plan”. While many car owners assume this contract to be an absolute extension of their standard Chevy factory warranty, which is not the case. Instead, it provides car coverage under limited warranty. Clearly, you cannot have the same protection plan you used to have in first three years of Chevy ownership. This is because Chevrolet wants their owners to buy a new car, instead of repairing their old cars.

Are you deciding to purchase a Chevrolet extended auto warranty? Well, before you make a decision, make sure to look at what will be covered. Chevy extended warranty includes both prepaid maintenance expenses and some added benefits. With Chevrolet extended warranty, you will find the following benefits:

●       24/7 roadside assistance

●       Towing

●       Trip interruption service

●       Rental car coverage

●       Lockout/lost key protection

Since maintenance is paid in advance, it cannot secure you when it is needed the most. These extended warranties are more like a service contract that you can trust and keep your vehicle running smoothly for the years you choose to ride your car. For such car owners, this extended warranty certainly brings convenience. However, that convenience is available at additional cost along with seldom flexible payment options. Another limitation is that you can only find such warranties by participating at Chevrolet dealerships.

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