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Thursday Dec 2, 2021, Rabi-al-thani 26, 1443 Hijri
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A strong response from Pakistani authorities at the request of the United States to intervene in Iran's internal affairs

14 March, 2018

Pakistani authorities denied requests by Americans to facilitate some people's entry into Iran during the recent protests in the country

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 A Pakistani diplomat announced that the Americans called on Pakistani authorities to facilitate some people’s entry into Iran territory and provide them with the necessary support during the recent civilian protests in Iran in order to foment and exploit civil unrest against the government that faced with a decisive response from the Pakistani authorities.


He declined to know if Pakistan was the only country that was requested such.


The US ambassador in Islamabad has been conveying Trump’s government’s request to Pakistani officials.


Referring to the tense policies of the United States in the region, he said that the relations between Islamabad and Tehran are important and strategic for us, and we are not willing to undermine these relations to ourselves. Also Islamabad does not interfere in any way in the affairs of the neighboring countries, he added.


Several gatherings in various cities of Iran were held on the end of December following the rising of life expenses and in protest to the economic policies of the Iranian government.


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