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United Kingdom

30 March, 2007

Serving the interest of masters by taking huge loans and pushing generations into debts.

Foreign debts are given to enslave a nation of any importance.For that purpose people who are the most stupid,most corrupt and full of traits like treason and putting self above nation are put in the govt.Best bank of such people is army of any country.Then the leadership is enticed into signing huge loans for projects that are sure to fail and thus loans are taken to pay the installment and loans are rescheduled.In Pakistan such low life was Ayyb Khan who got the title of "Kutta" before retiring.I believe this was disgrace to an animal who is known to be loyal to one who feeds him.While this dictator and those who accept the dictates and desires of US/UK over their national interest can correctly be called "Khanzeers" AN animal who is greedy for money,sex etc.So today Pakistan is getting deeper and deeper into debts thanks to the leadership.For all those who want to understand the politics of enticing nations into taking huge loans for such useless projects like building Islamabad one should read a famous book called "COnfessions of an economic hitman" by John Perkins.You can also read an introduction on line.Type this: Confessions of an economic hitman.This book was on NY Times best sellers list> I also suggest the paper Paktribune to do a book review on it.



01 April, 2007

India UK Canada Training Debt Degreere Dispute Judges Training

Even the low quality University or institution have started training the Indians and Chinese of mall and courts building.Few million will be seen sitting in front of newly sold Computers Cars trucks and Tribunal judges court franchise with lawyer franchise dentist franchise so called Professional and Licenced (origin of franchise conflict). Muslim not pays oil to free a slave but fees to use the Monopolist who is taking over on the basis of and licensing to be subservient.Debt is you buy courts building And cars trade on the assumption Oil distribution or free organ is forever on “IQRA”



01 April, 2007

Foreign Debt Dispute and Resolution

Halal Banking is a curse for which Muslim countries are in debt . Saudi Arabia IDB Malaysia Halal banking is work of Iran Iraq Dispute-Debt technologists who have virtually declared Islam as none valid with their commission and contract attached. When Iran Ayatollah Rafsanjani was having wining and dining in Gold plates after Overhrow of Shah Iran and after IRAN-Iraq war it is due to Halal Banking .Former Mayor Ahmeddinejad claim that UK (or N America) is insisting that Iran is in foreign debt. It really confirms That Islam is true anti Riba religion.Mayorism is Canadian Victorian so is Debt and illicit Halal Banking in dispute with me right now with their effort To wrap up Islam or the technology I used successfully.They use illcit association illicit Banking wrong interpretation.I have live case in favour of Islam against OIC Banking or Riba group such as above associates and beneficiaries.

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