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United Kingdom

28 October, 2005


I,too, hear the silence in my own country and ask why? We have had the tragedy of our own hurricanes, I know. Still why the silence? Americans are generous, caring people. This makes it even more confusing. The silence of the media. In the face of all the suffering we see, it is frustrating to only be able to pray and donate. But it is something. But where is the media? We need them now as never before. The US has its own troubles, yes. But the focus needs to be on Pakistan as well. We sent them Emails yesterday. Tomorrow we will send more. The silence has to end.

Jacob George

United Arab Emirates

29 October, 2005


Pakistan needs to first show the world that it really cares before it asks the world to care. Before asking the world community for money, it should stop the astronomical amounts spent on buying arms. A country that is just about to buy 2 billion dollars worth of F-16s can easily divert the money for quake releif and rehabilitation before demanding money from the west. You cant ask for helicopters from other countries when you have refused the same from your neighbouring countries. Pakistan should first show to the world that they are serious in takling the disaster. It doesnt help that Pakistan has been rated as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. People would not like to see their contrubutions lining the pockets of mullahs and terrorists.

Mr. Freedom

United Arab Emirates

01 November, 2005

Militarised Pakistan

A small country like pakistan is spending huge sums of money for military equipments. Pakistan got atomic weapons to protect itself from attack. International community should insist to pakistan that they should divert money to the re construction of quake hit areas.International community should take a decision NOT TO SELL ANY MORE WEAPONS TO PAKISTAN UNTIL THE RE CONSTRUCTION COMPLETE.Pakistan got F16,Crusie missiles,Long range misiles,short range misiles and nearly 500,000 well trained military personel.All these gained at the expense of 85% of poor pakistanis,Whose children got no school to go,no proper hospitals.

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