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Syed A. Mateen

PakTribune Columnist

The writer is an independent political analyst and researcher on national and international issues.

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Reader Comments


s tiwari


17 January, 2006

iran and israel has equal rights for N bomb

im fully agree with Mr Syed that if israel can have N bomb then why not Iran, Syria, Yemen. if religion is the reason, West must clear in UN why a muslim country cant be responsible N power. if israel can threaten iran, then why not iran can do the same????? there is no reason why these RESPONSIBLE conutries can have N bomb but not india, pakistan or iran. four years before, US made a comment that they may go for N option to takle iraq. one year before, a chineese general said N option is open to solve taiwan problem and russia........... no less than 100 times(in last 50 years) they have said they may use N bomb against US. if these countries are responsible then why iran cant use N bomb against israel who is their number one enemy? while israel ....... look like they have lisence to attack on iran and it may be justified later also. idia has proposed atleast 100 times that no country would have N bomb. all the N bomb would be handed over to UN and also first of all stable seat holders would be selected damocratically. there wont be any space for world war 2 winners. i think the concept of stable seat is also wrong.first 5 so called RESPONSIBLE countries acquired N bombs then stable seat of UN and now teachin others.


New Zealand

18 January, 2006


Listen to what you said, Israel is no saint i know, but atleast they didnt call to wipe Iran off the map, they also did not declare the holocaust a load of shit. Reading this, its as if the Iranian president himself spell-checked it for you, it smells of propaganda and is not what i consider a non-biassed opinion. Im sorry but israel has had nukes for a while now, and to be honest no one really cares that they do, Its not as if they are standing there threatening other countries like some looney Iranian president.

Mohammad Ilyas


19 January, 2006

Iran and Atomic Technology

We specially those Muslim countries that are geographically linked together of the central and eastern Asia will live and die together. The U.N has become a puppet organisation in the field of defensive measures and now we have not to let be such activities continued any more. Turkey, Iran, the central asian countries of Ex- Soviet Union, Afghanistan and Pakistan have the right to be fully armed and no one has to do any interferance in their internal affairs. Any threat in future to any country of this group should be considered to be to all and for that reason we have to be armed upto the teeth. Likely Iran. Yes, one thing may happen that all the countries of the world end up their atomic energy programmes so will we do that alongwith. Otherwise there should be no misunderstanding.

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