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Sohail Shahryar

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Wheat price issue: solve it or face shortage Sohail Shahryar

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Gouri Sankar


13 April, 2006


Ohh finally I found an article which makes sense and shows the real issues.I hope this will continue.

benz m Ispahani


15 April, 2006

Punishment for Dumping and Subsidising Wheat

What has wheat price sugar price got to do with almighty Allah? i.e. subsidized price Promotion called “globalization”. Abraham commenced Allah worshipping. Abraham is linked to High Rise tower (stone) Kaba .Meteorite hitting to Satan… One hit Satan by One meteorite is enclosed in kaba Called black stone. Hagger is linked to Zamzam Kaba drinking Water .Muslim Send daily blessing to Abraham (a.s) who built the kaba. Blessing is also sent daily to Mohammed (s.a.).Who contained A fallen meteorite (enclosed in Kaba) within 4 Brick or Stone Walled covered with Black velvet fabric lined with gold inscription. Abraham (a.s) commenced Almighty Allah (of wheat Rice water Food provider in our table spread) Worshipping. Pakistan in 1947 had taken Almighty Allah route Development Via 5 or more rivers water development in pursuit to increase yield Of farm Forest and food via 5 Rivers Dam rice vegetables mango Sugarcane Development. Shazia Khattak in US India Nuke deal was quick to stop me lest I enlarge. Stone Age people Stone and concrete jungle people build Tallest Possible towers Malls buildings- dumping acids haz chem.They Pollute Drinking Water They Dump Grains Wheat Cooking oil Milk our daily Braid under subsidized programme down the drain. They Set Ablaze forest . They wage war on Allah. R e a d about the p u n I s h m e n t for waging war on Almighty Allah. Of Quran ALLAH issued judgement order Surah “The Table spread(v) ” Verse # 36 “Those who wage war Against Allah his Apostle striving with might And mischief through land, the P u n i s h m e n t is e x e c u t I o n or C r u c i f i c a t i o n” . CONSEQUENTLY Christian vs Quran Discrepancies in Crucification in rewritten Testament and wording.

Ya`akov N. Miles


18 April, 2006

Why not buy wheat from us?

Canada grows lots of wheat. Why not buy wheat from us, rather than just Australia, India or the US?

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