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Monday Jul 13, 2020, Zul-qaadah 22, 1441 Hijri
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Riaz Missen

PakTribune Columnist

The writer is a policy analyst based in Islamabad.

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05 October, 2006


Hey Riaz, you've written everything right but got confused in one important respect. Instead of typing Pakistan you should have typed India and Afghanistan and vice versa.

Ramesh K. Sharma

United Kingdom

06 October, 2006

Troubled Neighborhood

It is not India and Afganistan accusing Pakistant of terrorism around the globe, but the whole world is talking about ISI and Jehadis being trained and armed and then sent around the globe. Mr. Karzai put it rightly that if you train a snake, it is going to bite you some day. In fact it is happening in Pakistan right now. Therefore, it is better to wake up to the reality and see who is responsible for the troubled neighborhood. I understand your patriotism, but the truth is truth.


New Zealand

07 October, 2006


When a democratic leader like Manmohan Singh or a well educatedKarzai or free foreign media blame Pakistan and its so called leaders ( who most of the time happen to be from military background) of instigating terror or stirring tactics to save themselves.., there must be some truth in it . How long the educated people like you, Mr Riaz, will keep on defending your crazy rulers!

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