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Rahimullah Yusufzai

PakTribune Columnist

The writer is resident editor of The News in Peshawar.

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19 April, 2012


Who will decide if the demo is or is not anti-state? Who does this state blneog to by the way? It is not the state of the people. It is not the state of the oppressed nations of Pakistan. The people, the oppressed nations are justified being anti-state and anti-governemnt. The Baloch and Sindhis have seen all sorts of governemt, so had the Bengalis. And we still are supposed to be ONLY anti-government. It is the STATE which either has to be aboloshed or demorcatised, and what is democracy if the oppressed are not allowed to demonstrate, and the agencies issueing threats. The worst emerges when civilians make a fetish of an anti-people state and condemn all activities as anti-state, or try to be selective: anti-state, anti-governement . This ahs not helped in past, this will not help now. I am all with the journalists and the people who dare the army-ridden body politic of this God-gifted' country.

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