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Sunday Jul 3, 2022, Zul-hijjah 3, 1443 Hijri
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Nazim Rahman

PakTribune Columnist

An overseas Pakistani working as instructor of information technology at IMCS - Institute of Management and Commercial Sciences in Geneva ( and electronic editor of Swiss Pakistan Society (

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The Real Victims of Terrorist Acts Nazim Rahman

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Abdul R. Saleemi


27 July, 2005


Muhammad Riaz


27 July, 2005

terrorism and Muslims

By the grace of God I have crossed the age of 50. Some friends of me are advising me to keep beard. They advise me if I die without beard it will face hardships in the Divine. I agree with them. But I feel, I am a religious minded man and have sympathy with the Muslims of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine who are being killed like crushing turnip. Sometimes words of sympathy and deploring the killers' come out from inside. If I keep beard in similar situation, I will be labeled either as “terrorist” or “extremist” and extradited to America. Then I will be declared as “enemy combatant” there with no chance to seek justice and poisoned to death. Death is certain but I do not like to die on American soil with no one available to recite Holy Quran at the time of my death. I, therefore, request those friends to” exempt” me from keeping beard. However if the situation changes and the bearded Muslims are again called “ Mujahideen” I will definitely keep a beard but never join the rank of Mujahideen as the situation may turn again as we have seen in Afghanistan. Muhammad Riaz, Thana Malakand Agency,

Alain Debecker


27 July, 2005

Everybody should read it!

This reminds me of the words from an ordinary US citizen to her own government during the Vietnam War: “Fighting power may get you a battle. Even two or three. Even a thousand! But to win a war, you need to be strong enough to prevent fighting. And stopping your own force may be as difficult as terrorizing the opponent’s.”

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