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Atif Salahuddin

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16 May, 2011

Bhuttos, Sharifs and the Army

Time for PPP and PML to be dissolved as traitors to Pakistan. Zardari must be imprisoned for corruption. Kayani and Pasha are idiots with no idea of strategy. Rehman Malik and Sherry Rehman should be Hanged for Treason. Imran Khan should be Prime Minister.

Sarfraz Hussain


16 May, 2011

Osama Killing and Democracy in Pakistan

I have some serious reservations as Democracy being talked about as of the people, for the people and by the people. democracy is also known as devil's tool to keep poor as poor and rich as rich. Democracy is also practiced as a rule of few over the masses who mater little in the governance affairs. Democracy in Pakistan is and has been (for whatever time it was allowed by the men in khaki)rule of those few who are not accounted for for the anti people demonstrated behaviour while in the government.

Sunil Sinha

United Kingdom

16 May, 2011


Keeping a man, the most wanted with blood in his hands, a foreigner, Osama Bin Laden, living a luxurious life, advocating nothing but killing people from Abbotabad, does not surprise Pakistanis? Pakistan knows he is a fugitive most wanted, tops the list on FBI seems be under the patronage of Pakistan. Does Pakistanis have shame, begging with a bowl on one side to curb terror and hiding the most notorious killer.

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