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Sunday Dec 6, 2020, Rabi-al-thani 20, 1442 Hijri
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Amir Latif

PakTribune Columnist

Bureau Chief Karachi

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27 November, 2005

i guess god has punished u all for killing all those innocent people

benz m Ispahani


07 February, 2006


The world Madrassas operating under Present method is no match to high Tech Harvard Oxford Wizeman Inst of Israel.But the kind of madrassa I attended …Have a glimpse and ask global economy Parrots your Ulema design it for you. Via Madrassa I went to University to pass at 19 and joined Univ of London at 20 to earn Degree /and Post grad Eng.I Have had high tech jobs all my life. I Secured jobs in competition with Harvard Princeton Cambridge Oxford grads with PhDs From UK Germany USA Israel and Japan. One MD FRCS from Taif Univ helped me memorize 30 sipara in 30 days ( 2 hrs/day).I have all kind of licences to drive cars Tractor trailer to buses Computer programming to web design while Operating most sophisticated Lab equipments. I did free imamat at Jama Masjid in between shift jobs too. Now redesign madrassa students Without alqaeda look in above format who Should be competitive. Nothing happens if Greedy atheist plus hufffaz-ul-quran!(this for sure)

wasi siddiqui


15 February, 2006

The Wounds of Islam

After the death of Prophet Mohammed in 632A.D The Islamic history was about to be changed Conspirators come up with evil plans To remove Prophet Mohammed body from the grave Prophet Mohammed came in dream of Governor of Baghdad And showed him those men's evil faces Governor acted promptly and arrested those men He kiss the feet of Prophet Mohammed And put Iron gates around his grave The conspirators doesn't end their evils plans They created world's April fool day By killing Muslim leaders deceiving them as a peace day Islam again came down as to the religion of it's lowest 11 September was created to label Muslims as “Terrorist” They tried to replace the Holy Quran By removing name “Jihad” in new book called “Furqan” They tried to introduce Islam as a bad religion Creating fear, hate in people's mind and confusion Conspirator inflected Islam with another wound This time by drawing Prophet Mohammed cartoons Islam will live until the world exists Islam's enemy will face justice from Allah soon The events proven what the Quran say: These people will never ever going to be Muslims friends”. Copy right (2006) Wasi Siddiqui

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