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Abid Mustafa

PakTribune Columnist

Abid Mustafa is a political commentator who specializes in Muslim affairs.

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28 November, 2006


Interesting argument but I think the author is missing a number of points. First, Hezbollah survived due to Israel's stupidities. They did not have the guts to hit Tel Aviv because they knew that Israel would have unleashed the full military power and thus a big goodbye to Hezbollah. Second, Israel will have no choice but hit Iran. They have issued threats to kill all Jews and they are now practicing Nazi style policies. Third, Is it acceptable to the west to let Iran have nuclear weapons? The answer is no. Anyone who thinks some guy named Ali is coming back is a wacko. Iran has issued threats and thus must be taken-out. Fourth. Economically the Muslim would is a big deadzone. They create nothing but violence. There per-capita income is a joke and never seems to go anywhere. There is jealousy in the Muslim world for the prosperous West. They are crying revenge against Israel but not working to improve the lot of common people. Finally. Neo-con is a word and nothing more. Will Israel and the US let Iran have nuclear weapons? The answer is no. Neo-con or democrate, they are all the same. Good bye Iran. What will Pak do? Nothing. India is there to take care of them. Remember, it was the American that saved Pak from India on a number of occasions.

benz m Ispahani


28 November, 2006

Why and What subversion Israelis do to get Iran and expand at US cost?

Israel is time bomb which need to be diffused.Israel is a catalyst trying to Detonate 10,000 USA Nuke bombs and world arsenal On Iran UMMA with 1500 million surrounding Muslim.Israel is a Jewish community using DNA Genetic time travel kibbutz selling in Afghanistan India Italy Spain Lithiunion Baku Casablanca Marakash Morroco Tunisia and Egyptian Sinai.They normallay use isolated Cut off muslim tribe (not practicing currently) convincing them that the Custom they practice in marriage funeral are Jewish rather than Islamic. With buying them off with money with newly introduced Jewish custom. They use UN Millenium 1999-2015 Kivunim kibbutz concept.Kivunim Is the most dangerous implant in the world of Islam today with subversive Activity around.Who runs Kivunim (1998) with combo Jeus abdallah Sabah dead sea scroll implant ?Recruiting hungry destitute Muslim Madrassah using Alqaeda gimmick without any islamic purpose is also Israeli Kivunim act. Israel With 4 million Jews is trying to harm world‘s 6 thousand million Population after Realising that world’s 12 million Jews who travel between Israel and home around the globe got to do something to keep afloat . Israel idea came when sun was not setting In British Empire. Most of British Buildings Bridges Queen Victoria Memory was Being built competing with equal industrial USA Canada. Chinese were dying As poor hungry in Opium war. Japanese did not have then cars radio TV Electronics computers microwave industries or oil based economy. Indians Of India were dying at age 35. China Japan Korea India had poor third world Image with Canada Australia New Zealand like Africa and Latin America East Europe and USSR.Israel’s Opium war in Afghanistan to recruit afghan as Jews with 37 allied countries soldiers got to stop. What exactly Israelis do for divide and rule .They make mischief using the Name Alqaeda.They destroyed world economy EU USA Canada industrial Revolution. Israel is replacement of EU GermanyUK USA Canada Australia Success. Israel is in lieu of Christianity Religion of West who have gone bust In pursuit to prop up Israel calling themselves as Jews. Jewish demand To kill 1500 Muslim UMMA With eye on Iran oil as invaders looters Is most dangerous threat to Islam? With Israel USA EU UK oil pumping Got to go with full Muslim attack .Their presence in the world of Islam As businessmen or as kivunimian in Islam got to go. Israel and Jews of Israel have no significance. If Israel cease to exist 6 Thousand million world population will not miss them in peaceful Coexistence driving cars with electrified villages amid war free unpolluted Rivers waters and farm. Jews of Israel can return home and live safely as They always lived past thousands of years. Islam or OIC Hinduism Buddhism Or even Christianity do not need Kivunim of Jewish concept suitable for Low morale 12 million Jews trying to steal Umma of other religion of the world.



29 November, 2006

Israel is a total failure

Pro-Israelis in the US and in the West engineered the illegal war in Iraq. Their only objective is the destruction of that country. Now their attention is on Iran. Will they succeed this time? They have to try. Only this time the US has no appetite for another war. The population is duped. And they know it.

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